The Terrible Mountain

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423) Rabbi Yosi said, “This mountain is terrible, let us go and not stay here because this mountain is terrible.” Rabbi Yehuda said, “We learned that one who walks alone risks his soul, but three do not. And each of us three is worthy of protection that Divinity will not depart from us.”

424) One should not rely on a miracle. How do we know this? From Samuel, as it is written, “How can I go? When Saul hears, he will kill me.” Was Samuel more worthy of a miracle than three? Samuel was alone, so if Saul heard, he would certainly kill him. But for three, the harm is not certain because harm-doers, demons, do not appear before three and do not harm.

425) It is written, “The angel that redeems me from all evil.” Should it not have said, “That redeemed?” It is “That redeems” because it is always with man and never parts from a man who is righteous.

The redeeming angel is Divinity, who always walks with man and never parts from him as long as one keeps the Mitzvot of the Torah. Hence, one should be careful not to go out on the road by himself. What does it mean, “By himself”? One should be careful to keep the Mitzvot of the Torah so that Divinity will not part from him and he will be forced to walk alone, without a Zivug with Divinity.

426) When a man goes out to the road, he should set up his prayer before his Master, to extend the light of Divinity on himself, and then set out. It turns out that the Zivug of Divinity is to redeem him on the way and to save him however is needed.

427) It is written about Jacob, “If God is with me.” This is the Zivug of Divinity. “And keeps me on this way” is to redeem him from all evil. At that time, Jacob was alone, and Divinity was walking before him. It is all the more so with the friends, who have words of Torah among them.

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