Types of Witchcraft – in Women

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80) Why are all types of witchcraft and magic in women? It is because when the serpent came over Eve, he cast filth in her. He cast only in her and not in her husband, and the spells extend from the filth of the serpent. This is why witchcraft is in women.

81) Balaam learned all those charms that he did from his father. But he learned all the charms and all the spells mainly in the mountains of the east, which are the eastern land. This is so because the kings Aza and Azael—which the Creator dropped from the sky because they complained against man’s creation—dwell in those mountains. They are tied there in iron chains and alert charms to people. And it is from there that Balaam knew, as it is written, “From Aram Balak brings me, the king of Moab from the mountains of the East,” the place of Aza and Azael.

82) “He did not go as on other times to seek serpents, but he set his face toward the wilderness.” Does this mean that he did not always go toward serpents? The bottom side, which comes from the spirit of impurity above is the spirit of impurity that governs the wilderness when the children of Israel made the calf—to be defiled by it—which is a lower one. Hence, “He set his face toward the wilderness.” And he performed his magic from all sides so he could uproot Israel; but he could not uproot them.

83) When Israel stood at Mount Sinai the filth was stopped in them. And when Israel received the Torah, the filth ceased from them. And the idolaters, who did not receive the Torah, the filth did not cease from them. Hence, the filth had ceased from women. Thus, why are charms primarily in women?

84) The Torah was given only to males, as it is written, “And this is the law which Moses set before the sons of Israel.” Thus; women are exempted from the commandments of the Torah, meaning commandments of action, which are time dependent. This is why their filth did not cease at the time of the giving of the Torah. And for this reason, the charms that extend from the filth of the serpent are found primarily in women.

85) Moreover, after the calf they all returned to their filth, even the males. And the women find it hard to separate themselves from the filth even more than the men. This is why there are more women than men in this witchcraft and filth, for it is hard for them to part with the filth, since women come from the left side and were attached to the harsh Din on the left. This side clung to them more than to the men because they come from the side of harsh Din, and everything follows and clings to its own kind.

86) The spells extend from the filth of the serpent because Balaam defiled himself first, to draw the spirit of impurity over himself, and then performed his magic. Similarly, a man should keep away from a woman in the day of her impurity and avoid touching her because she clings to the spirit of impurity. And if she performs witchcraft at that time, she will be more successful than on other times. Hence, everything she touches becomes impure, and especially anyone who comes near her. Happy are Israel, for the Creator has given them the Torah and said to them, “You shall not approach a woman… during her menstrual impurity.”

87) When one observes the tweeting of fowl to know the future, why is it called “a serpent” and “witchcraft”? It is because it extends from that side of impurity, since the spirit of impurity is over that bird, which announces things in the world. And every spirit of impurity clings and comes to the world from the serpent, and there is none who is saved from him in the world, for he is in everything—until the time when the Creator is destined to remove him from the world, as it is written, “And death shall be swallowed up forever.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Chayei Sarah – click)

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