And Take It to Your Heart

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142) “Say unto Aaron, ‘Take your rod.’” Why Aaron and not Moses? The Creator said that in Aaron, which is right, the water stands in his place because the water is on the right, and the left wished to extend water from there. Aaron, who came from that side, will evoke the abundance of water, and when the left—which are the Egyptians—receive them, they will turn into blood.

143) The lowest degree, Malchut, called “The sword of the Lord is filled with blood,” struck first. This is why their water became blood. The Creator began striking from the bottom, from Malchut. And His hand, which has ten fingers, ten Sefirot, struck with each and every finger from Malchut through Keter. When he reached their highest degree, the senior among the degrees, Keter, He did His thing and went through the land of Egypt and killed everyone. This is why He killed all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, because it is their highest degree and the senior of everything.

144) The governance of Pharaoh was by the force of the water, as it is written, “The great monster that lies in the midst of its Niles.” This is why his Nile first turned into blood and then the frogs came out of there, who were striking the Egyptians with shaking voices that they were yelling inside their intestines. They came out of the strong hand, which is Gevura, and that hand strengthened the sides until the Egyptians fell as dead in their homes.

145) In the end, all those ten signs that the Creator had made were all from the strong hand, Gevura. This hand grew stronger than all the degrees in their government in order to confuse their minds, and they did not know what to do to be saved. It was apparent to all that all those degrees of theirs could not do anything to be saved from the plagues because of that mighty hand that was over them.

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