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VAERA (Şi Eu m-am arătat)

  • And I Appeared—In God Almighty [Shadai], and My Name Is HaVaYaH, I Am Not Known to Them – (text) ENG
  • Visible Colors and Invisible Colors – (text) ENG
  • Four Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Dust – (text) ENG
  • I Will Bring, I Will Deliver, I Will Redeem, I Will Take – (text) ENG
  • General and Individual – (text) ENG
  • But They Did Not Listen to Moses because of Their Lack of Spirit – (text) ENG
  • Voice and Speech – (text) ENG
  • Be Afraid of the Sword – (text) ENG
  • These Are the Heads of Their Fathers’ Houses – (text) ENG
  • Know This Day and Take It to Your Heart – (text) ENG
  • Take Your Rod … that It May Become a Serpent – (text) ENG
  • Midnight and Midday – (text) ENG
  • A Sea Monster Lies between the Niles – (text) ENG
  • The Flaming Sword that Turned Every Way – (text) ENG
  • Take Your Rod – (text) ENG
  • And They May Become Blood – (text) ENG
  • And Take It to Your Heart – (text) ENG
  • And the Nile Shall Swarm with Frogs – (text) ENG
  • He Was Seven Years in Building It – (text) ENG
  • Ways—Paths—Pleasantness—and Peace – (text) ENG
  • Behold, the Hand of the Lord – (text) ENG
  • And I Will Make You a Great Nation – 3 – (text) ENG
  • And Sarai Was Barren – (text) ENG

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