And You Will Behold the Secret of the Eyes

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85) The eyes are the letter Samech []. One should look at the colors that surround the eyes from the outside. And as the eye sits, if it sits in full, not sunken deep in the forehead, he is not a fraud and he is far from any deceit. It is completely nonexistent in him.

86) There are four colors in the eyes. 1) The white that surrounds the eye, as every person has. This is the same for all people. 2) In front of it is the surrounding black. White and black are mingled, implying to HG, which are included in one another. 3) In front of it is the green, which implies to Tifferet and is included in the black. 4) In front of it is the pupil, which is a black point that implies to Malchut. This is a person who is always laughing, always joyful, and thinks positive thoughts. And the thoughts are not completed because he always elevates them from his will. He engages in mundane matters, and when he engages in heavenly matters he succeeds. Such a person should be encouraged to engage in Torah, as he will succeed in it.

87) If his eyebrows are large and cover below, and if there are red inscriptions along the length of the eyes, these inscriptions are called “small letters in the eye,” since they are colors in the eye, and if they shine a light, that light sends up letters to show the quarrelsome ones with those other small lists. It is in the letter Samech and is included in the letter Hey.

88) Green eyes, surrounded by white, where the green is mingled with that white, means he is merciful and always thinks only of his own benefit, utterly oblivious to the harm for others.

89) If no black color is seen in him, he is greedy, but not from the bad side. If something succeeds for him from the bad side, he will not return it. He is loyal in what is known and disloyal in what is unknown. He keeps a secret in a thing that is secret until he hears the secret elsewhere. Once he has heard it, he reveals everything, and there is no secret with him anymore at all because all his words are not in wholeness. One in whom the colors in his eyes are surrounded by white and green, it is in the letter Hey and is included in the letter Zayin and the letter Samech.

90) If his eyes are yellow and green there is madness in him. And because of the madness, he speaks proudly and presents himself as a great man because of his pride. But one who attacks him defeats him. He is unworthy of the secrets of the Torah because his heart is not quiet in secrets and he reveals them to others to make himself a great man through them. It is in the letter Hey, and is included only in the letter Zayin, moving away from the letter Samech. And because he conducts himself with pride, he stays away from the letter Samech and does not approach it. When this one speaks, he makes many wrinkles in his forehead.

91) White eyes that are surrounded by a little green mean that he is angry, merciful, for the most part, but when he fills with anger, there is no love in him at all and he turns to cruelty. He does not keep a secret. This is in the letter Hey when it is included in the letter Samech.

92) Eyes that are green and white together, with a little black in them mean that he keeps secrets and succeeds in them. And if he begins to succeed, he succeeds and rises. His enemies cannot overcome him and he governs them with complete control, and they surrender before him. This is in the letter Chaf, which is included in the letter Samech. Hence, if he begins to govern, he governs. Thus far these eyes for those with wisdom

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