And You Will Behold the Secret of the Forehead

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77) The meaning of the forehead. In the letter Nun [], Gevura, is the completeness of the letter ZayinMalchut, since Malchut is built of the left line, Gevura. Sometimes, the Nun is included in the letter Zayin, and sometimes it is alone. When the forehead is small and pointed and is not round, it is a person who is discomposed. He thinks he is wise, but he does not know. His spirit is agitated and he bites with his tongue like a snake.

78) If the wrinkles in his forehead are big and are disconnected from one another. When he speaks, these wrinkles become disconnected. Other inscriptions in his forehead are all connected to one another. One must not connect with him, except for a short time, not for a long time. Everything he does and thinks is for his own benefit; he does not care for the well-being of others. He cannot keep a secret, gossips and tells secrets, and his words are of no importance whatsoever. This is the meaning of the letter Nun that is included in the letter Zayin. He is not considered one of faithful spirit, to persist.

79) If the forehead is small and round, it is a person who is wise in what he observes. Sometimes, he is alarmed in his spirit. His love is with joy. He has mercy over all. He observes many things, and if he exerts in Torah, he will be very wise.

80) If there are three big high wrinkles in his forehead while he speaks, three wrinkles are close to the eye and three wrinkles over the other eye, and he cries when he is angry, it is better than it seems. He casts behind his shoulder all mundane matters, whether in his actions or in other things, and does not worry about them, and he succeeds in Torah. Any person who engages with him will benefit from the other mundane matters, which he does not regard. At times his will adheres to the Creator, and at times it does not. He does not succeed in judgment; he stays away from judgment. This is the letter Nun alone, when not included with the letter Zayin. And because it is not included, he stays away from the judgment and is not in it. Love is his side.

81) If the forehead is not round and is big, it is a person who bows his head each time he stands and when he walks. This divides into two forms of madness. One form is apparent madness, and other people know his madness for it is apparent to all, and he is a fool.

82) If there are four big wrinkles in his forehead, sometimes when he speaks, he wrinkles them with his forehead, and sometimes his forehead spreads in his skin and they are not seen. Then the wrinkles that are seen are other big wrinkles, on the side of his eyes. He laughs at nothing, for no reason, his mouth is big.

He is not a man of use; he is from the other side. Madness hides within him and people do not stare at him. He is clever in what he does, even in the Torah. However, it is Lo Lishma, but rather to boast before the people. His entire behavior is clandestine and with pride; he shows that he is righteous, and he is not. All his words are not for the Creator but for people; he thinks thoughts and conducts himself on the outside so as to be looked at. This is the letter Nun that is included in the letter Zayin.

83) If the forehead is round and big, he is clever. He remembers everything. He knows everything he exerts in, even without a craftsman to teach him. He succeeds in everything he tries. And with money, sometimes he succeeds and sometimes not. From a small thing, he looks at big things. He is considered intelligent. He does not worry about mundane matters. Even when he knows he will be ashamed of them, he does not worry and does not pay attention. He is of a soft heart.

84) If there are two big high wrinkles in his forehead, one wrinkle on one eye, and one wrinkle on the other eye, and there are three big wrinkles in his forehead, in those over the eyes, and besides them, the bottom wrinkle divides over the eyes, he thinks thoughts within. Yet, they are not known without because he does not consider people in his actions. He fears for a time, and not more.

For appeasing, he reconciles in his external actions before people, but the deeds are only sometimes like a child’s and sometimes with wisdom. This is the letter Nun alone, not included in the letter Zayin. And he is weak, since he was not included in the first letters but was in proximity to the letter Samech, to be included in it, and not in the first letters. Thus far the secrets of the wisdom of the forehead.

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