Be Afraid of the Sword

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77) “Be afraid of the sword; for wrath brings the punishments of the sword.” The sword is the “Sword … that shall execute the vengeance of the covenant.” The sword, Malchut, is about to observe anyone who lies in the covenant, Yesod, for anyone who lies in the covenant blemishes it with incest or with spilling of semen idly. Then the sword takes vengeance from him.

78) It is written, “For wrath brings the punishments of the sword,” since anyone who lies in the covenant distances Malchut’s desire to receive abundance from ZA and the one who takes abundance, meaning Yesod, does not take and does not give it to its place—Malchut—since its place did not awaken to it, which is Malchut. This is so because due to the flaw of the covenant, the desire to receive abundance has been taken away from her, and anyone who keeps a covenant causes an awakening of the covenant in his place, in Malchut, and upper and lower are blessed.

79) When there are righteous in the world, there are those who awaken that covenant to its place, as it is written, “And I have also established My covenant with them, to give them the land of Canaan, the land of their dwelling.” “Their dwelling” is as it is written, “Be afraid of the sword,” Malchut, since it is a place that casts fear in the world. Thus, the patriarchs evoked the covenant to its place, Malchut, on which it was said, “To give them the land … of their dwelling.”

80) It is written, “Where they lived.” Since the day they had come close to the Creator, they feared the Lord in it, and there was high fear in it to keep His commandments. This is so because Malchut is the quality of fear, and if by keeping the covenant one does not cast fear on one’s head, he will never again fear the Creator in the rest of the Mitzvot [commandments].

81) In an awakening from below, when Israel awakened to the Creator and cried before Him, it is written, “And I have remembered My covenant.” Then the desire awakened to tie everything into one connection. Since the covenant, Yesod de ZA, awakened, the connection of all the Sefirot to ZA awakened. “And I have remembered My covenant” means connecting him to Malchut. This is why it is written, “Therefore say unto the children of Israel, ‘I am the Lord,’” that all the Sefirot connected in a single connection to redeem Israel from Egypt.

82) “And the Lord spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron.” This is why it was said, “And gave them a charge unto the children of Israel,” commanding to guide them peacefully, as it should be. “And unto Pharaoh” means treating him respectfully.

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