Eighteen Mountains of Persimmon

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257) Eighteen mountains of the upper persimmon is Yesod de Bina. It contains nine Sefirot of Ohr Yashar [direct light] and nine Sefirot of Ohr Hozer [reflected light], thus, eighteen mountains. The souls of the righteous, meaning the Merkava [structure] for Yesod, enter, meaning raise MAN. And forty-nine scents, which are the fifty gates of Bina minus one, rise each day from Bina to the place called “Eden,” Hochma. Correspondingly, the Torah was given with forty-nine impure faces and with forty-nine pure faces. Because of the lack of the fiftieth gate, forty-nine impure faces came out, as it is written, “God has made them one opposite the other.”

There are also the forty-nine letters in the names of the tribes, and the forty-nine days of the count to receive the Torah, in which there are the forty-nine high days of ZON, which stand to receive permission—to be corrected on each of these forty-nine days—from the glowing stones that are filled with engravings of that breastplate. These twelve receive from the twelve mountains of persimmon, and by that, the ZAT de ZON, which consist of seven, are corrected—through the Omer count.

258) The one who wears the breastplate, ZA in Mochin de Gadlut, sits in the precious, holy throne, which shines in Malchut, called “throne.” The four pillars of the throne—Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael—stand and look at the breastplate, meaning receive from these twelve stones that shine in it. They come and go by the word of the one who wears the breastplate, meaning that all the lights and corrections extend from the twelve lights in the breastplate, which extend from the twelve lights in Bina. They raise their eyes and look up, and see the fringe that burns in six hundred and twenty sides. This implies to Keter, which is 620 in Gematria, for it is tied on the forehead and on the skull, and the Holy Name is carved on it. They shake and startle and the pillars are tied on the right side, ZA. And the left, Malchut, takes the pillars of the heaven in her hands, meaning the three lines in ZA, which sorts and discloses them, as it is written, “And the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.”

ZA sits on the four-pillar throne, on Malchut that has four pillars, HG TM, and those four pillars are tied in ZA, which leans to the right, meaning shines for them in covered Hassadim that are not revealed in illumination of Hochma. However, Malchut, left, sorts them through extension of Hochma and discloses them through clothing of the Hochma in Hassadim. At that time the four pillars, HG TM, become four pillars, in each of which are HGT, which shine in disclosed Hassadim, as it is written, “And the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.” And it is after that that Malchut is called “the revealed world.”

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