He Was Seven Years in Building It

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176) When the friends are on the way, they should go with one heart. If there are wicked ones walking among them or people who are not from the King’s palace, they should part them, as it is written, “But My servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him,” meaning that he separated from the spies, as it is written, “And they went up into the South, and came unto Hebron.” It should have said “came” in plural form. But because he parted with the spies and came to Hebron alone to visit the graves of the fathers, it writes “came” in singular form.

177) Hebron was given to him as a portion and lot to be strengthened in, as it is written, “And to him will I give the land on which he has set foot.” Why was Hebron given to him? Is it because he visited the graves of the fathers to be saved from the counsel of the spies? It is not so.

178) Rather, it is as it was written, “David inquired of the Lord … And He said, ‘Unto Hebron.’” Since Saul was already dead and David was anointed to receive the kingship while still in the days of Saul, why was David not crowned? Also, why did he not receive kingship over the whole of Israel, but rather came to Hebron and received the kingship only over Judah for seven years, and waited there all those seven years, and received the kingship over the whole of Israel in Jerusalem after Ish-boshet died?

179) The holy Malchut, of above, did not receive the full light of Malchut until she conjoined with the patriarchs, HGT from Chazeh de ZA and above. When she conjoined with them, she was built in a complete construction from the upper world, which is Bina. Also, the upper world is called seven years because all seven SefirotHGT NHYM, are included in it.

180) Your sign is, “He was seven years in building it.” This is the upper world. This is why it does not say, “He built it in seven years,” since it concerns the upper world, which is called “seven years,” as it is written, “For in six days the Lord made.” The six days are Abraham, as it is written, “These are the generations of the heaven and the earth when they were created,” with the letters of Abraham [in the Hebrew word Behibaram (when they were created)]. Abraham is called “six days,” Hesed de ZA, which includes HGT NHY. And because it is six days, the world was built in it. Similarly, “He was seven years in building it” concerns the upper world, Bina, called “seven years.”

181) David wished to be built in the complete Malchut below, similar to the Malchut above. And he was not built until he came and bonded with the patriarchs in Hebron and stood there seven years, to be built within them. After seven years, he was built in all that was needed and his kingship was anointed so it would never depart him. If he had not corrected in Hebron to be connected in his place in the patriarchs, his kingship would not have been built so it could be properly anointed.

Similarly, the spirit of wisdom illuminated in Caleb, and he came to Hebron to conjoin with the patriarchs. He went to his place because the spirit of wisdom is received only by bonding with the patriarchs, and then it was his place, since it was given to him and he inherited it.

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