Pharaoh’s Merkavot [chariots/structures] and His Army

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259) When the Creator evokes war in the world, the upper and lower—the nations below and their ministers above—are uprooted from their places, as it is written, “Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea.” In the future, the Creator will wage a great and powerful war against the people, to respect His name.

260) “The waters saw You, O God, the waters saw You and feared.” When Israel crossed the sea, the Creator said to the angel appointed over the sea, “Split your waters so that My sons will pass within you.” The angel replied, “Unloading the account is truth,” meaning forgiveness of sins is truth, since the Creator forgives and pardons iniquities. “But what is the difference between these and those? If you forgive Israel, forgive Egypt, too.”

261) The Creator told him about that condition, “When I created the world, I made the sea on condition that it would be torn for Israel.” What did the Creator do? He evoked His Gevura and the water folded, as it is written, “The waters saw You, O God, the waters saw You and feared.” The Creator told the minister of the sea, “Kill those multitudes, then throw them out.” Afterwards, the sea covered them, as it is written, “Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea.”

262) The Creator made several Merkavot [chariots/structures] above, several multitudes, and several armies. And they are all tied to one another, so each lower one is a vehicle for the one above it, degrees upon degrees. And on the left side extend dominating Merkavot that are not holy. And all of them are particular degrees above.

263) The firstborn of Pharaoh is a degree that the Creator killed and broke off its strong chain. Under its rule are several Merkavot [chariots/assemblies] and several armies of strong men on the left. Some of them grip the high place of their government, some of them grip Malchut above, and some grip under the four animals.

264) And they are all given into the hands of the Din of Malchut, called “the great sea,” to break them from their degree. And when they broke from above, all those below broke and were lost in the sea below, as it is written, “Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea.” Just, “sea,” indicates both the sea above, for their ministers, and the sea below, for the lower Egyptians.

265) “And His chosen officers drowned in the Red Sea.” And officers over all of it means all the degrees, being two and one above, one atop the other. They were made as it is above, and all were given into the hands of Malchut, to break their dominance, these and those, upper and lower.

266) All ten plagues with which the Creator inflicted Egypt were one hand, since the left hand was included in the right, and the ten fingers were included in each other, corresponding to the ten utterances by which the Creator is later named. And opposite all of them was the one of the sea—strong, great, and ruling—as it is written, “Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea.” In the future, the Creator will kill all of Edom’s ministers and governors, as it is written, “Who is this who comes from Edom.”

267) “Pharaoh’s chariots and his army.” The Creator has made seven firmaments opposite HGT NHYM. In each firmament are fixed stars, degrees in the form of “back.” And stars that run through each and every firmament are degrees in the form of “forth.” And above them all are deserts, the GAR of the firmaments.

268) Each firmament has a span of two hundred years, and its top is five hundred years. Between each two firmaments are five hundred years, and this Aravot is fifteen hundred years in length, and fifteen hundred years in width. From his effulgence, all those firmaments illuminate.

The firmaments are the Guf [body], VAKRuachNefesh. Aravot is Rosh de GufGAR. The movement in the firmament indicates the level of his degree, and his height points to his root. Hence, the height of all the firmaments is five hundred years, which indicates their extension from HGT NH de Bina, since Ima expands through Hod, and each Sefira in her is numbered in hundreds, hence they are five hundred years.

But in the movement of each firmament, which indicates the level of its degree, there are only two SefirotRuachNefesh—which are two hundred. But the upper firmament, Aravot, has GAR in it, which extend from Aba, and his Sefirot are thousands. Thus, his movement is three thousand years. This is why it was said, “And this Aravot is fifteen hundred years in length, and fifteen hundred years in width.”

Between each two firmaments are five hundred years. This is so because the firmament is essentially the new Sium [conclusion] of Tzimtzum Bet at the Sefira Yesod, and is the carrier of this Masach. And since each Sefira consists of seven Sefirot, there is a separate Yesod in each Sefira in the firmament. Hence, between each two firmaments are five Sefirot HGT NH, since after each firmament begins the Sefira of Hesed through Hod, and the other firmament stands at Yesod. And these five Sefirot are the five hundred years from the side of Bina.

269) Above Aravot is a firmament of four animals: lion, ox, eagle, and man. The Parsot [plural of Parsa] of the holy animals and their top is as all of those below them, since the upper one contains within it all the ones that are below it. Here he counts ten Behinot [discernments] opposite ten Sefirot, which are all as important as the one below them.

270) Each and every organ in the animals corresponds to seven abysses, the Masachim [plural of Masach] in the Malchuts. It also corresponds to the seven palaces, which are the seven Malchuts, and corresponds to “from earth to firmament,” which is Yesod. And it also corresponds to “from firmament to firmament,” which are HGT NH. The measure of all of them and their height is twenty-five thousand parts of the measure of the Creator.

All the Behinot in BYA are Behinot from Chazeh de ZA downwards. This is so because the Parsa that ends the Atzilut is the Malchut de ZA that stood at the point of this world during Tzimtzum Aleph, and rose to the place of half of Bina de ZA where it ended the Atzilut. And the bottom half of Bina and TM de ZA went outside of Parsa, and from them, all the Behinot in BYA are built until the end of correction, when they, too, return, join ZA, and are in Atzilut.

He says that each organ of the animals consists of seven Sefirot from the Chazeh upwards. However, as for the height of all of them compared to the Creator, who is ZA de Atzilut, there is nothing in them from the Chazeh and above, but only half of Tifferet and its NH from the Chazeh down, which are twenty-five. This is so because Sefirot de ZA are ten each. And since they are established in four animals, meaning that Hochma appears in them, they are considered thousands, since the Sefirot of Hochma are counted in thousands, and they are twenty-five thousand. This is why it was said that the measure and height of all of them is twenty-five thousand parts of the measure of the Creator, ZA de Atzilut, and there is nothing in them from the Chazeh of the Creator upwards.

271) There is yet another firmament above the horns of the animals. It is written, “And over the heads of the living creatures there was the likeness of a firmament.” And below that firmament are several Merkavot [chariots/assemblies] to the right and to the left.

272) Under the sea, which is Malchut, are all the fish of the sea, swimming and gathering in their four corners, HG TM, and descending in their degree, meaning shining from above downwards, and all the Merkavot are called by their names. All this is from the Chazeh upwards of the sea, where there are big animals. Below them, the small ones go degrees over degrees. They are from the Chazeh down of the sea, which are called “small animals,” as it is written, “There is the sea, great and broad, in which are swarms without number, animals both small and great.”

273) On the bottom left is the government of the other side, since “God has made one opposite the other.” Thus, all that there is in the holy BYA, is found correspondingly on the other side. They grip those above and suck from holiness, and now, at the tearing of the Red Sea, they came down to break because of the great force of holiness.

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