The Lord Is a Man of War

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251) We should regard the words of the Torah. We should regard everything because there is nothing in the Torah that is not implied in the high, holy Name, and there is nothing in the Torah that does not contain several secrets, reasons, roots, and branches.

252) Anyone who wages a war in the Torah is rewarded with much peace at the end of his words. All the wars in the world are strife and destruction, and all the wars of the Torah are peace and love, as it is written, “Therefore, it is written in the book of the Wars of the Lord, ‘Vahev in Suphah,’” meaning love in Sophah [at its end], that there is no love and peace but that.

253) “Therefore, it is written in the book of the wars of the Lord.” What is in the book? The Creator has a place, called “a book,” which is Malchut. All the powers and all the deeds that the Creator does depend upon and stem from there.

254) “Vahev in Suphah.” All the powers and all the mighty deeds that the Creator does depend on that book, on Malchut. The Creator fights His wars in one place at the end of the degrees, and it is called “Vahev” [and give], as it is written, “The leech has two daughters: Hav, Hav” [Hebrew: give, give]. The place of punishments is beneath Malchut, in Suphah [also means “end” in Hebrew], the end of the degrees. Malchut is called Yam Suf [Red Sea]—the Yam [sea] that is the Sof [end] of all the degrees.

255) “And the streams of Arnon.” And with the streams that were found and extended to the Malchut, which is “Vahev in Suphah,” from the high place called Arnon, which is the upper Zivug of love, which never parts, the Zivug of upper AVI. It is written, “And a river went out of Eden.” The river is Bina and Eden is Hochma, and they are called AVI. Arnon comprises the letters Ohr Nun, meaning the Ohr [light] of the Nun (fifty) gates of Bina. By that, its roots strike roots and the branches of Malchut grow to wage wars in every place, to perform powerful and mighty deeds, and to show the greatest and most precious government.

256) When Gevurot and wars of the Creator awaken, several litigants awaken to each side. Then spears, which are Dinim of the right side, and sharp swords, which are Dinim of the left side, evoke Gevurot. The sea rages, its waves rise and fall, and the ships that go and sail at sea depart to every side. The war is sharp with ballistae, and spear and sword carriers. And then it is written, “Your arrows are sharp,” and the Creator grows strong with His powers to evoke war. Woe unto those upon whom the Holy King evokes war. Then it is written, “The Lord is a man of war.”

257) “The Lord is a man of war.” From these letters emerge rows of warriors for those wicked, those enemies who sinned against the Creator. Then the meaning of the letters appears to those who possess the truth, and matters become lucid and clear.

258) “The Lord is a man of war, The Lord is His name.” “The Lord is a man of war” means HaVaYaH. “The Lord is His name” is Malchut. Everything depends on that book, which is Malchut, as it is written, “The heavens shall reveal his iniquity”—ZA is called “heaven”— “And the earth shall rise up against him”—Malchut is called “earth.”

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