You Shall Not Bow Down to Them

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434) “And see among the captives a beautiful woman, and have a desire for her and would take her as a wife for yourself.” What is the reason that the Torah permitted, for it is written, “You shall not intermarry with them.” However, “You shall not intermarry” while she stands in their domain. But here, when she has been taken captive and has come into the domain of Israel, the Torah permitted.

435) There is not a fit woman among the idol-worshipping nations, as it should be. Why was this portion placed next to the portion of a stubborn and rebellious son? Indeed, one who marries this woman inherits from her a stubborn and rebellious son, for it is hard to remove the filth from her, especially if she was once married to an idol-worshipping man, for the Din clung to the Din and she was defiled. Then it is hard to remove the filth from her. This is what he said about the women of Midian, “Kill every woman who has laid with a man.”

436) Happy is that man who inherits this inheritance of the token of the holy covenant and keeps it, for with this holy inheritance, a man clings to the Creator. It is especially so if he is rewarded with the Mitzvot of the Torah, that the King reaches his hand toward him and he clings to the holy body, to ZA. This is why it is written about Israel, “And you that did cleave to the Lord your God.” It is also written, “You are the children of the Lord,” you are actual sons, as it is written, “My son, My firstborn, Israel,” and it is written, “Israel, in whom I will show My glory.”

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