You Will Behold the Secret of the Eyes

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119) The meaning of the ears. One whose ears are big is a fool in his heart and mad in his spirit. One whose ears are small and they properly support themselves, when he awakens, he is wise at heart. He wishes to engage in everything. This is the letter Yod [], which is included in all the other letters.

120) Thus far the matter of the forms of man; henceforth, other secrets in the letters, which do not stand inside the Partzuf. But to know the secrets of this verse, it is a book within high degrees in times and periods of this world, and we have not yet been rewarded with them.

121) Rabbi Shimon said, “My sons, happy are you in this world and in the next world, and happy are my eyes that have come to see it as I enter the next world. For my soul, I call upon Atik Yomin this verse, ‘You set up a table before me,’ and the Creator calls upon us, ‘Open the gates, that the righteous nation may enter, the one that remains faithful.’”

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