You Will Behold the Secret of the Lips

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115) Henceforth, it discusses the meaning of the lips, the letter Peh [] that was included in the letter Samech []. Big lips mean a person who slanders and is neither ashamed nor afraid. He is quarrelsome and gossips between one person and another. He causes strife among brothers, does not keep a secret, and when he exerts in Torah, he covers a secret. However, he slanders and does not place fear in his heart.

116) This sign, the letter Peh that is included in the letter Reish and not included in the letter Samech, it seems as though he is righteous and does not fear sin, and there is no need to persuade him since all his words are in the mouth and not in the body.

117) Withering and shriveling lips that are not small are a person who is extremely fretful, sinful. He cannot tolerate anything, slanders openly and shamelessly to all, sometimes in mockery. It is a person one should keep away from.

118) If his beard is filled with hair, it is slander. It indicates that he speaks openly to all and has no shame. He engages in disputes and succeeds in mundane matters. He sees in his enemy; it is a wink with his eyes. It is written about that, “A wicked man displays a bold face.” This is only in the letter Peh, when it is not included in the letter Samech at all. Sometimes, it connects to the letter Reish and is included in that letter Reish.

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