A Cup of Blessing

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569) A cup of blessing is only in three who ate as one. This is so because he is blessed by three fathers, for the Malchut, the cup of blessing, is blessed by HGT de ZA, which are called “fathers.” For this reason, a cup is needed only in three. The cup of blessing should be placed in the right hand and in the left, and to receive it between both, since the Malchut was given between the right and left of ZA. Afterwards he will leave it on the right hand because from there it will be blessed, from the light of Hassadim in the right of ZA.

570) Ten things were said in a cup of blessing, and all are as it should be because the corrections of the cup of blessing, which is Malchut, are ten Sefirot. One should look at the cup of blessing with the eyes, as it is written, “The eyes of the Lord your God are always on it,” on the land, Malchut, which is called “a cup of blessing.” It should not be out of the eye, but looked at.

571) A cup of blessing is blessed in that blessing, with which a man blesses the Creator, since he is the faith, Malchut. It must be kept with upper guarding, like the importance of the king, since thanks to him is the table blessed at the time of the blessing for the food that a person blesses.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / TRUMA – click)

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