A Persimmon and a Sedan Chair

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20) “King Solomon has made him a sedan chair from the trees of Lebanon.” A sedan chair is the lower palace, Malchut, like the upper palace, Bina. The Creator called it “the Garden of Eden,” and He planted it for His delight. His desire is to play in it with the souls of the righteous, where they all stand and are inscribed within it. These are the souls without bodies in this world; they all rise and become crowned there, and they have places to see, to be delighted in the sublime delight, called “the pleasantness of the Lord,” and there they are filled with all the pleasures of the rivers of pure persimmon.

21) A persimmon is the upper palace, which is covered and concealed, Bina. The sedan chair, the lower palace, is Malchut, in which there is no support until it is supported by the upper palace. This is the reason why the letter Samech is blocked on all its sides [].

22) What is the connection between a persimmon and a sedan chair? When the upper light above is hidden and concealed inside the Bina, meaning GAR de Bina that were established into upper AVI when the Yod rose into the Ohr, the light was blocked and became Avir, she stands in the shape of the letter Samech. The light is blocked in it and concealed in it, to rise upward. When she returned and sat, she crouches over the children below, to nurse them, that is, she is the six lower Sefirot of Bina that were established as YESHSUT. At that time she stands in the shape of the letter Mem [], which crouches and which is blocked to the four directions of the world, HGT and Malchut, where HG are south and north, and TM are east and west.

Bina divides into GAR and VAKGAR that are HBD, and GAR de Guf, which are HGT up to the Chazeh, were established as upper AVI. Since they are six Sefirot HBD HGT, each of which consists of ten, they are called Samech [60 in Gematria], six times ten. It is also because the light of Hochma was concealed from them. From Chazeh de Bina and below, the four Sefirot NHYM were set up as YESHSUT. And since they are four Sefirot, each of which consists of ten, they are called by the letter Mem [40 in Gematria], four times ten. Also, it is because she is blocked to the four directions of the world, HGTM, which was made blocked because she must give Mochin to ZA, who is HGTM. And because of these four directions she was blocked.

23) Hence, it is a persimmon and it is a sedan chair. The sedan chair, which is the Malchut, was set up like the persimmon, Bina, and they are of the same shape. And instead of the two letters Samech and Mem that are found in the persimmon, the Yod stands in the sedan chair in a covenant, meaning that she is destined to receive everything from Samech and Mem, which are 100 blessings. Samech and Mem are 60 and 40: 60 correspond to VAK that comes out of the SamechHBD HGT through Chazeh de Bina, and he calls them VAK because the Yod does not come out of their Avir and they are as HGT NHY. 40 corresponds to the four directions of the world, HG TM de YESHSUTNHYM de Bina from the Chazeh down. All of them complement 100.

Also, the letter Yod of “persimmon” complements to 100, ten Sefirot, each of which comprises 10, like Samech and Mem above in the persimmon, Bina. This is why this is a persimmon and this is a sedan chair, and their form is the same.

24) The rivers that come out of the persimmon and the high souls without bodies in this world suckle from the light that comes out of the pure persimmon and delight in the high delight. The souls that have bodies in this world rise and suckle from the sedan chair and come down. They give and take—give off scent from those good deeds in which they exerted in this world, and take from the scent that remains in the garden, as it is written, “As the scent of a field which the Lord has blessed,” a scent that remains in the field. They all stand in the garden—those without bodies in this world delight above, in the persimmon, which is Bina in the garden, and those with bodies in this world delight below, in the sedan chair, which is the Malchut in the garden.

Due to the Dinim in her, Malchut is called Efer [ash] and EfronEfron means “our Efer.” From the moment Malchut rose to BinaBina is called Efron, as well. At that time Bina divides into two—GAR, upper AVI, are Samech, corresponding to the six Sefirot HBD HGT, each of which comprises ten. From the Chazeh down she is established as Partzuf YESHSUT, which includes the four Sefirot NHYM, and it is Mem. When these two PartzufimSamech and Mem, shine in Bina and enter her Efron, she becomes a persimmon and her lights are called “rivers of pure persimmon.” And when Malchut receives from these two PartzufimSamech and Mem in Bina—she obtains Yod in their stead, which entered her Efron and became a sedan chair. The Garden of Eden includes the illuminations of both of them, where the souls that did not clothe in a body in this world receive from the persimmon in the garden, and those with bodies in this world receive from the sedan chair in the garden.

25) “King Solomon has made him [a sedan chair] from the trees of Lebanon.” “Made him” means for himself. But the souls of the righteous play with him; why does it write, “Made him”? It is because the sedan chair and all the souls of the righteous stand so that the Creator will play with them. It follows that he made it for himself. King Solomon is a king that peace is his, the upper king, ZA. Just “the king” is the Messiah King, Malchut. This is the male world and that is the female world.

“From the trees of Lebanon” means the trees and plantations that the Creator uprooted them and planted them elsewhere—the seven Sefirot de ZON that were in the place of Malchut de Midat ha Din [the quality of judgment]. He uprooted them from there and planted them in Bina’s place, in Malchut of Midat ha Rachamim [the quality of mercy]. Those six Sefirot HGT NHY of ZON are called “Cedars of Lebanon,” as it is written, “The cedars of Lebanon which He planted,” and that sedan chair was built and completed only in them.

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