How Great Is Your Goodness, which You Have Hidden

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14) “How great is Your goodness, which You have hidden for those who fear You, which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You.”

15) The upper degree, the upper world, Bina, is called MI. The lower degree, the lower world, Malchut, is called MA. It is written, “What [Heb: MA] does the Lord your God ask of you.” Do not pronounce it MA [what] but Me’ah [100], since all the upper degrees in their completeness, which are fifty, are in Malchut. This is why it is called 100 since her 50, which are KHB TM, each of which comprises 10, and Bina’s 50 are 100. For this reason, Bina is called MI, which are 50, and Malchut is MA, which is 100, since she also includes within it Bina’s 50.

16) Another reason why Malchut is called MA: Even though the upper extension of Hochma extends through the upper degrees, Bina and ZA, she does not appear until she is completed in Malchut, which is the place of the end of all the degrees. She is the end of the extension of everything, and she stands disclosed in illumination of Hochma. And even though she is more disclosed than all, she is poised for the question, MA [what], meaning “What did you see?” “What did you know?” as it is written, “Since you did not see any image.”

17) This is the reason why it is written, “How great is Your goodness.” MA [Heb: “how”] is Malchut, “Great is Your goodness” is Yesod de ZA. It is called “great goodness,” as it is written, “And the great goodness for the house of Israel.” This is so because the first light that is included in Yesod is only called “good.” Here, however, there are male and female mingled, so the female is called MA, as well, since the Hochma appeared in her. She, too, is included here, as it is written, “How [MA] great is Your goodness.” This is why it is written, “Great,” since “great” indicates illumination of Hochma.

“Which You have concealed,” since this light is hidden, just as the first light was concealed and was kept for the righteous. “Which You have wrought,” since in Malchut, called MA after the inclusion of Bina in her, is the craftsmanship of everything: the craftsmanship of the whole world, the craftsmanship of souls and spirits. Were it not for this craftsmanship of inclusion of Bina in MalchutMochin in ZON would not have come out, as well as the three worlds BYA.

18) In the inclusion of Bina in Malchut, the Creator made the craftsmanship of the world. This is the meaning of what is written, “In the beginning God [Elokim] created the heaven and the earth.” By that, the tabernacle was made and built in the form of the world above, Bina, and in the form of the lower world, Malchut. It is written, “They shall take a donation for Me.” “A donation for Me” are two degrees, Bina and Malchut, which are one, as they conjoin together.

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