And the Lord Gave Solomon Wisdom

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419) It is written, “And the Lord gave Solomon wisdom, as He promised him, and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon, and the two of them made a covenant.” “And the Lord” indicates agreement above, ZA, and below, the Malchut, together. It is so because “And the Lord” indicates it is ZA, and His courthouse, Malchut. “Gave Solomon wisdom,” as one who gives a present and a gift to his loved one. “As He promised him” is the complete wisdom in richness, peace, and governance.

420) “And there was peace between Hiram and Solomon” because they understood each other in the concealed words that they were saying, while other people did not know how to observe them and know anything about them. For them, Hiram thanked and agreed with Solomon in all his words once more.

421) King Solomon looked and saw that even in that generation, which was more complete than all the other generations, it was not the wish of the high King that wisdom would be so disclosed through him, and that the Torah that was initially hidden would be revealed. And he came and opened doors for it. But although he opened, they are closed, except for those sages who were rewarded and who stutter in them, and do not know how to open their mouths in them. This generation, in which Rabbi Shimon is present, is the wish of the Creator for Rabbi Shimon for hidden matters to be revealed through him.

422) But I am perplexed about the sages of the generation—how they let even one moment be without standing before Rabbi Shimon and studying Torah while Rabbi Shimon is in the world. But in this generation the wisdom will not be forgotten from the world. Woe unto the world when he departs, the sages grow fewer, and the wisdom is forgotten from the world.

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