And You, Bring … Near You

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38) Moses, the sun, was not using the moon, Malchut, until he was included in the letter Vav, in Aaron, and in the Levites—right and left—on all sides. It is written, “From among the children of Israel, to minister unto Me in the priest’s office.” “To minister unto Me” is with an excess Vav [in Hebrew], which means using the letter VavTifferet, “Unto Me,” which is the letter HeyMalchut. This means using and serving the Vav in the Hey so all will be one. Happy are Israel who went into the secrets of Torah and came out, and know the secrets of the ways of Torah, to walk in the path of truth.

39) It is written, “From among the children of Israel,” since everything is called “one” being one, as it should be, only from among the children of Israel. This is so because the children of Israel stand below to open ways, to illuminate paths, to light the candles, which are the upper Sefirot, and to bring everything from below upwards so all will be one. This is why it is written, “But you that cleave unto the Lord.”

40) “And you, bring … near you.” Everything is brought closer by those who know how to unite the unification and to serve his Master. This is so because when the offering is there as it should be, everything draws near together—the sides, right and left—and the illumination of the face of the Creator is in the world, in the Temple. Then the Sitra Achra surrenders and hides, and the side of holiness governs with light and joy. And when the offering is not present as it should be, or if the unification was not as it should be, the faces are sad and light is absent. Then the moon, Malchut, is hidden and the Sitra Achra governs the world, since there is none who knows how to unite the Holy Name properly.

41) The Creator did not test Job and did not have a test with him as the tests of the rest of the righteous. After all, it does not say about him, “And God tested Job,” as it is written about Abraham, “And God tested Abraham,” who sacrificed his only son with his own hands. He did not give and did not pass over anything to Job, and he was not told that He would give. Instead, he was given to the hands of the slanderer under the Din [judgment] of the Creator, who evoked the slanderer upon him, for which he did not ask. This is so because the slanderer always comes to awaken upon people, and here the Creator awakened the slanderer on him, as it is written, “Have you considered My servant Job?”

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