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TEŢAVEH (porunca)

  • And You Shall Command – (text) ENG
  • The Meaning of the Letters of the Holy Name – (text) ENG
  • And You, Bring … Near You – (text) ENG
  • And in the Course of Days – (text) ENG
  • Giving a Part to the Sitra Achra – (text) ENG
  • Leave off the Man whose Breath Is in His Nostrils – (text) ENG
  • Matzot and the Omer Count – (text) ENG
  • The Bird, too, Has Found a Home – (text) ENG
  • Bread of the First Crop – (text) ENG
  • And in the Desert Where You Saw – (text) ENG
  • Blow the Horn [Shofar] on the New Moon – (text) ENG
  • The Kingdom of Heaven Is Distinguished in Two Points – (text) ENG
  • Two He-Goats – (text) ENG
  • On the Tenth of This Seventh Month – (text) ENG
  • Four Kinds – (text) ENG
  • You Shall Dwell in Sukkot [tabernacles] – (text) ENG
  • Blessed Be the Name of the Lord – (text) ENG
  • He Knows What Is in the Darkness – (text) ENG

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