Any Man of Israel Who Was Circumcised Should Be Seen

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544) One who does not keep the festival of Matzot [unleavened bread] is as one who does not keep the faith of the Creator because His high and holy name is gripped to it. It is written, “Three times a year [all your males] shall be seen,” since faith, which is three lines, depends on them, since Malchut, which is called “faith,” is built from them.

545) “All your males shall see the face of the Lord God.” “All your males,” since they receive a blessing from the fountain of the stream, Yesod. Any man of Israel who was circumcised should be seen before the holy King because he receives a blessing from the fountain of the stream, as it is written, “According to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you.” “Before the Lord God” is Yesod, from which the blessings flow and the blessings are received. Happier are Israel than the rest of the nations.

546) Once, Israel went up to Jerusalem to celebrate the festival, and idol worshipers mingled with them. That year, there were no blessings in the world. They came and asked Rav Hamnuna Saba. He told them, “Did you see beforehand a sign that this ascent would not be favorable?” They replied, “We saw a sign: when we returned from there, all the roads were blocked by water, and cloud and darkness prevailed, so all those who went up there could not go and return. Also, when we came to be seen, the face of the skies went dark and angry.” He told them, “Either there are uncircumcised people among you, or that idol worshippers went up with you, since at that time only sons of Israel who were circumcised are blessed. The Creator looks at that holy token and blesses them.”

547) They went up on another year, and when those idol worshippers who mingled with them would eat the offerings and rejoice, they saw that those idol worshippers had a shape similar to the shape of the wall, that they were sad. They noticed them, for everyone were blessing and they were not blessing. They came and said the matter to the courthouse. They came and asked them: “Say, that which you ate, from which offering was your share?” They were unable, meaning they did not know what to answer. They checked and found that they were idol worshippers and killed them. They said, “Blessed is the Merciful one who saved His people,” since certainly, there is blessing only in Israel, the holy seed, the sons of faith, sons of truth. That year, there were complete blessings in the world. They started and said, “Surely the righteous will give thanks to Your name.”

548) Thanks to circumcised Israel, their enemies surrender before them and they inherit their inheritance. It is written, “All your males shall see,” meaning circumcised males. It is written, “For I will drive out nations before you and enlarge your borders.” Thanks to the circumcision, the Creator, in whom there are Din and Rachamim, uproots dwellers that are the enemies from their places, and brings back dwellers that are Israel to their place. For this reason, “All your males shall see the face of the Lord God,” the Creator, Tifferet, in whom there are Din and Rachamim, and for which He uproots dwellers and settles dwellers. The Lord means as it is written, “Behold, the Lord, the God of hosts, will lop off the boughs with a terrible crash,” meaning uproot dwellers. “Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Yishai,” meaning settling dwellers. It is all one, the Din and Rachamim work together and He uproots dwellers and returns dwellers as one. There is a Lord, Tifferet, and there is a Lord, Yesod, and everything depends on one, Malchut, who is called ADNI.

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