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MIŞPATIM (Iată legile)

  • These Are the Ordinances – (text) ENG
  • If You Buy a Hebrew Slave – (text) ENG
  • The Grandfather – (text) ENG
  • If men struggle – (text) ENG
  • Returning a Loss – (text) ENG
  • Setting Aside Cities of Refuge – (text) ENG
  • Mem-Tet and Mot [rod/pole] – (text) ENG
  • Redeeming a Hebrew Slave – (text) ENG
  • Doubled-Edged Sword – (text) ENG
  • A Vow and an Oath – (text) ENG
  • Barn and Winery – (text) ENG
  • Watching Through the Windows – (text) ENG
  • You Shall Not Follow the Masses in Doing Evil – (text) ENG
  • Keep Away from a False Matter – (text) ENG
  • The Order of Judgments in Laws of Torts [damages] – (text) ENG
  • Written in the Signs of the Creator and His Divinity – (text) ENG
  • A Spirit that Ascends and Descends Each Night – (text) ENG
  • Two Messiahs – (text) ENG
  • Concerning Tithing – (text) ENG
  • You Shall Be Holy Men unto Me – (text) ENG
  • Administer Justice in the Morning – (text) ENG
  • The Rooms of the Tabernacle – (text) ENG
  • And in All the Things That I Have Said to You Be Watchful – (text) ENG
  • Any Man of Israel Who Was Circumcised Should Be Seen – (text) ENG
  • The Creator Is Called ADNI – (text) ENG
  • Neshikin [Kisses] – (text) ENG
  • Behold, I Am Sending an Angel before You – (text) ENG
  • You Are Not To Boil a Kid [Young Goat] in Its Mother’s Milk – (text) ENG
  • And unto Moses He Said, “Go Up to the Lord” – (text) ENG
  • And upon the Nobles of the Sons of Israel – (text) ENG

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