Azure – 2

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481) All the colors are good if they are seen in a dream, except for the color azure because she is a throne, Malchut, on which to sentence soul sentences. Is the degree of Malchut not white, receiving from Yesod, who is white, Hesed? However, when she is poised to sentence soul sentences, due to the iniquities of the lower ones, she is in the color azure.

482) When a person sees the color azure, he is reminded to do all his Master’s commandments. It is like the bronze serpent: when it was seen, they would fear the Creator and keep themselves from any sin. And when this fear came upon them, they were promptly healed. Who caused them to fear the Creator? It is that serpent, that strap in which they looked. Similarly, it is written about the azure, “For you to look at and remember all the commandments of the Lord,” out of fearing Him. This is why there was azure in the tabernacle.

483) Azure is the throne of judgment. When Malchut is in that color, she is a throne on which to sentence soul sentences. Accordingly, when is Malchut in Rachamim? It is when the Cherubim, ZON, turn their faces toward each other and look face-to-face. Then all the colors are corrected, the color azure turns into another color, and the color green turns into the color gold.

484) Therefore, in turning the colors, Malchut turns from Din to Rachamim [from judgment to mercy], and from Rachamim to Din. It is all by the turning of the colors. As Israel establish their corrections toward the Creator, so everything stands, and so it is arranged above. This is why it is written, “Israel, in whom I will be glorified,” since there is the beauty of everything in those colors.

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