Bezalel Knew How to Join Letters

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476) There are two letters in the word “sin,” Het, and Tet. This is why they were not written with onyx stones or setting stones because those two letters were avoided in the tribes of Israel, so that HetTet, meaning “sin,” will not be written in them.

477) All the letters of the alphabet are hanging in the Temple, in engravings of the holy names, tied and embroidered on it, and the whole of the world above and below were bounded and carved in letters. Atop them, the upper holy name, HaVaYaH, was carved.

478) In the tabernacle, the letters were properly carved and depicted because Bezalel knew the wisdom to join the letters in which heaven and earth were created. Thanks to his wisdom, the tabernacle was built by him and he was chosen from among the whole of the people of Israel.

479) As he was chosen above, the Creator wanted him chosen below. Above, it is written that the Creator said to Moses, “See, I have called by the name Bezalel,” and below, it is written that Moses said to Israel, “See, the Lord has called by the name Bezalel.” His name was called so in the upper one, Bezalel, which means Betzel El [in the shadow of God].

And who is he? He is a righteous, Yesod, sitting in the shadow of God, who is called “the upper God,” Tifferet, and he, Bezalel, sits like that God, Tifferet. That God takes VAK because Tifferet takes VAKHGT NHY, and that righteous, Yesod, takes them. Similarly, that God shines above, and this righteous shines below to the Malchut. That God is Tifferet, consisting of VAK, and the righteous, too, consists of VAK.

480) “Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur.” “Ben Uri” means the son of the first light that the Creator created in the work of creation. “Son of Hur” means son of Herut [freedom] of everything, the light of Bina, freedom. Another interpretation, “Son of Hur” means a son who is Hiver [pale/white], white, whitened from all the colors, governed by the light of Hassadim, white. This is Bezalel, Yesod. He was appointed the staff of Judah, the Malchut, and all is as it should be because the Yesod must be connected to the Malchut.

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