Barn and Winery

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413) Moses, the loyal servant, a Hebrew slave is upon you. It is written, “You will surely give to him.” “You will give to him” means give to his sons these hidden things. “And from your threshing-floor” in the threshing-floor of your Torah, “And from your winepress.” In the barn and winery, the verse speaks as the authors of the Mishnah taught. The verse speaks of the waste of barn and winery.

A barn is a male, ZA. The waste of the barn is Dinim de Dechura [male Dinim], which extend from the Shuruk. A winery is NukvaMalchut. The waste of the winery are Dinim de Nukva [female Dinim], which extend from the Hirik.

414) YeKeV [winery] is an acronym for Yihud, Kedusha, Beracha [unification, holiness, blessing, respectively] of the Creator. Divinity, Malchut, is the Creator’s blessing when she is on the right, Hassadim. She is the Creator’s Kedusha when she is on His left, in Hochma, and she is the Creator’s unification when she is in the middle line. The letters of the Creator add up to the number 112, the letters of YeKeV. The Creator has the number of 112 because the Creator is ZA, and Nukva is the calculation of ZA.

415) One who is proficient, meaning who is the letters YeKeV in his law, in Divinity, the Creator is with him, since thanks to it He will never move from him. There is a law that is a maiden, serving her on the part of the lad, Matat in Beria. It was said that the law about her is as his, concerning her maiden. However, it is a law of Moses, of which it was said, “It is a law to Moses out of Sinai,” that the Creator gave you His daughter, Divinity, by Himself.

416) This is why it is written about other laws, “Many daughters have done nobly.” It is written about your law, “But you excel them all,” meaning she prevailed over all of them with Gevura. “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor.” Be corrected in you and complete the King’s construction, Divinity, since He builds His building by you and through you.

417) Moses started and said, “The angel that redeems me from all evil is Divinity, of whom it is written, ‘And the angel of God journeyed,’ will bless you in the next world, Bina. ‘And may they grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth,’ in this world, Malchut. That is, may your governance be in the two worlds where you live. My name is from this world, Malchut. It is called ‘Living,’ as it is written, ‘She is a tree of life to them who hold her.’ Life is in Bina. Life here is in Malchut.”

418) But one who is not clothed in shells of skin and flesh, bones and tendons of the lowly body, where the spirit is dead, is like a dead person who does not see, does not hear, does not speak, and has no motion in any of his organs, the spirit does not see what is above it. We learn about them, “Know what is above you; the eye sees, the ear hears, and all your deeds are written in the book.”

419) Several angels go with him, as it is written, “For He will give His angels charge concerning you,” and He has no authority in this body, to look at them and to hear their voices, for they are animals of fire, speaking, sanctifying, and blessing both the Creator and Israel. It is all the more so for Divinity, which is over them, and even more so for the Creator, who is above Divinity, in which He receives the prayers of Israel.

420) For the iniquities, they would clothe in these Klipot like a man that the iniquities of their fathers are in their hands, gripping the act of their fathers in their hands.

421) In the future, it is written, “Your Teacher will no longer hide Himself, but your eyes will behold your Teacher.” It is so because when you are in this world, Malchut, and have no shells or skins, you have permission to look at the people of the world, and the people of the world are permitted to look at you. This is why it was said about you that you are alive and that your world is the world of the living. However, this lowly world is the world of the dead because except for the Creator, the gods of the nations of the world are all dead.

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