Cain and Abel, Seth, Enoch, and Mahalalel

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760) “And the man knew Eve his wife; and she conceived and bore Cain.” The Kof [in the name Cain in Hebrew], whose leg clothed in the Klipot, whose legs go down to death, began to bear in Eve’s intestines with the man’s force and support, after she already received filth from this Kof. First came the serpent, Kof, over Eve, and cast filth in her, then Adam mounted her. This is why it is not written “And begot,” but “And the man knew.” “And she conceived and bore,” meaning and the waste came out inside Eve.

761) “And again she bore his brother Abel.” It does not say, “And begot,” although he was from the side of the male, from the right, since the slanderer weakened and broke his force, for the letters began to bear with the letter Kof of Cain. It is so because Cain and Abel were two half souls, Cain from the side of ELEH, and Abel from the side of MI, and the letters of Cain’s name came out first.

762) Once the waste was sorted in Cain, the letters began to bear from the letters ShinTav, which are the correction of male and female in consent, together, for Shin is the three lines of ZA, who is a male, and the Tav is the female, Malchut. Then it is written, “And begot in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth.” And the reason why it is written there first, “And she called” is because the name Seth is the correction of male and female together.

763) The letters incarnated further and returned to beget the Aleph of Adam, and those letters in the place of the conclusion of his name are Nun, after the Mem of Adam, and the Vav, after the Dalet of Adam, and not the Hey after the Dalet because this Hey was impregnated with Hevel [Abel]. It follows that the letters AlephNunVav came out, and he concluded in the letter of the beginning of the name Seth, Shin, and he was called Enosh [Enoch].

764) What is the connection between this name and the name Adam? Enosh was unable, but was a correction of Adam and Seth, as it is written, “What is Enosh [translated as “human”] that You should remember him?” It is also written, “What is man that You magnify him, and that You notice him, that You visit him in the mornings, and that you test every moment?” It is written about that, “But the Lord was pleased to crush him, putting him to grief,” since Seth bequeathed the breaking of the body and the force of the soul to his son Enoch, which is the inheritance that he should have received for himself, and he also bequeathed it for his son, Mahalalel.

765) The letters incarnated further to correct the twisted, which was made twisted by the sin of Adam HaRishon and Cain and Abel, and they returned and bore Kenan. This is the correction of Cain, for Kenan has the letters of Cain [in Hebrew], and he was established in his stead and the letters returned to mitigating the world from the twisting that was before. Mahalalel is the son of Kenan. The Mem of Mahalalel is the end of the letters of Adam. The Hey and Lamed are correction of the letters of Abel, and since Abel was not a sinner such as Cain, the letters in his name were not replaced in Mahalalel, except for one letter, where instead of the Bet of Abel there was an Aleph in Mahalalel, to be corrected further.

766) Thus far the world was perfumed and corrected the twisting that began with Enoch, except for Adam’s sin, who was not perfumed until Israel stood by Mount Sinai. But Cain and Abel’s twisting was corrected and perfumed. However, the world was in sorrow and sadness until the arrival of Noah, as it is written, “This one will comfort us from our work and from the sadness of our hands from the ground which the Lord has cursed.” Adam’s sin was not perfumed until Israel stood by Mount Sinai and received the Torah. And when Israel received the Torah, the candle and light, Malchut and ZA, were corrected as one.

768) They all sat. One said, “Gentlemen, now that I have seen the sorrow of my father-in-law and his daughter, who were stressed and afflicted themselves for my not knowing the blessing for the food, I told them, ‘Until I know the blessing for the food, I will not bond with my wife as do all the people in the world.’ And although I could have copulated with her without a sin, I did not wish to anger them because I could not say something before two months.”

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