Seven Firmaments

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704) Seven firmaments spread and are hidden in a high concealment, in the seven Sefirot of ZAHGT NHYM, in which Hochma is hidden in light of Hassadim that shines in them from Bina. Also, one firmament stands above them from above—Tevuna—and there is no color in it, nor a place revealed in illumination of Hochma, and it is not poised to look in it. This firmament is hidden and illuminates for all seven firmaments, moving them in their journeys, each as it should be. It is not poised for looking, but poised for understanding.

705) There is no one to know and to look from the firmament and above, above YESHSUT. One should keep one’s mouth shut and not speak or look in Tevuna. He who looks regresses, for there is no one who can attain there.

706) Ten curtains are ten firmaments, the curtains of the tabernacle, which is Malchut, ten Sefirot, which are poised for attainment for wise-hearted, since the Hochma is revealed in Malchut and not above her. One who knows in them, looks into great wisdom and into the secrets of the world. He looks above to a place where everyone clings, except for two firmaments that stand on the right and on the left, HB of Malchut, which are hidden with Divinity.

707) They are nine firmaments and Divinity is the tenth. Are they ten besides Divinity because it is written ten without a Hey? Therefore, are there 11 Sefirot in Divinity, which is one Sefira, and stands over the ten Sefirot? It is known that they are 10 Sefirot and not 11. Of course they are nine, which are nine days between Rosh Hashanah [first day of the year] and Yom Kippur [day of atonement], and she is the tenth. Similarly, the tabernacle is ten curtains.

Malchut rose to Bina and was mitigated there. By that, the Bina shines in her and she is called Miftacha [key], while her own quality is hidden. Also, there are only nine Sefirot KHB HGT NHY in her, with her own quality being absent. It was said that when it writes ten without a Hey it is ten Sefirot without Divinity because the quality of Malchut herself, called Man’ula [lock], is absent in the count of her ten Sefirot, the Kelim of Bina are used in her stead, while Malchut herself is hidden above her ten Sefirot, in Chazeh de ZA. It follows that the quality of Malchut herself is above her ten Sefirot.

He adds that although the Miftacha is from Bina, it is still regarded as Malchut, which follows that there are ten Sefirot in her, herself. He compares it to the ten penitential days, where the 10th day is Yom KippurBina, and she is still regarded as Malchut, complementing the ten Sefirot, while Malchut herself, standing at the point of Chazeh de ZA, is not at all in the count because she is hidden there.

708) Ten firmaments are the secret of secrets that was given only to those who know wisdom. It is all in the secrets of Rabbi Shimon, who disclosed the secret of each firmament, and those who serve, serve in each. Seven firmaments are above, in ZA, seven firmaments are below, in Malchut, as above, and the seventh firmament—Hesed—includes GAR, hence they are ten. They are seven firmaments, in which there are stars and signs to lead this world by its way, as it should be.

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