Sing to the Lord a New Song

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211) This is the meaning of the verse, “Sing to the Lord a new song.” The awakening of the friends who commented on that, it is handsome, as they said that these are milch cows that were carrying the ark, as it is written, “And the cows would sing along the way.” What is the singing that they would say? It is the psalm, “Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has worked wonders.” It is as it is above, that when the animals carry the throne, Malchut, to raise it above to ZA, they say this praise.

212) Why is it written, “A new song” if they always say this praise? New means the renewal of the moon, Malchut. When she illuminates from the sun, ZA, then she is new, and this is “A new song.” Each time the Malchut rises for a Zivug with ZA, she is considered new, for each time she returns to being a virgin. And it is written, “His right hand and His holy arm has wrought salvation for Him.” This is the awakening of right and left, HG, to receive her.

213) They would praise that praise when they would carry the ark, when they would go up to Beit Shemesh. Like the carts, which are animals that go up to Beit Shemesh, ZA is called Shemesh [sun], and everything rises because on Sabbath is the ascent of the throne, Malchut, to go up. For this reason, the establishment of this praise is on Sabbath. All of these praises are established on Sabbath, so that the only nation in the world will praise Him.

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