A Psalm, a Song for the Sabbath Day

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214) “A psalm, a song for the Sabbath day.” Adam HaRishon said this praise when he was expelled from the Garden of Eden and the Sabbath came and protected him. This praise, the lower world, Malchut, praises the upper world, which is a day that is all Sabbath, who is the King that peace is His, ZA. This is “A psalm, a song.” It is not written who said it, which implies Malchut, for wherever it is just said, it implies Malchut.

215) “For the Sabbath day,” the upper day, the upper Sabbath, ZA. Just Sabbath is the Sabbath of the Sabbath night, Malchut. The Sabbath day is the Sabbath of above, ZA. A day is ZA and a night is Malchut. “And the children of Israel shall observe the Sabbath” is night, Nukva. “Remember the Sabbath day” is day, the male, ZA. This is why it is written, “A psalm, a song for the Sabbath day,” when Malchut praises ZA, who is called “the Sabbath day.”

216) The lower world is Malchut, just like that, without a name. The candlelight is not apparent during the day, under the sunlight. Hence, she does not merit a name. All these praises of the Sabbath, the glory of the day, are high praises, more than on all other days.

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