Soul Food

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555) The ten rulers are ten kinds of Hochma that exist in the Torah, ten Sefirot in ten engraved names, ten names that imply the ten Sefirot and are included in one name of 22 carved letters of the blessing of the priests. They are the secrets of the next world in these lights, which the eye does not govern to see, not even in Tevuna, to know and regard that refinement. And the yearning that the Creator bequeathed to the righteous in the next world—as it is written, “Neither has the eye seen a God besides you who works for him who waits for Him.”

556) A man’s table rewards him with eating at another table in a refinement in the next world, as it is written, “For he always ate at the king’s table.” King David said, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” This is the setting of the table in that world, for then it is refinement and craving that the soul enjoys in the next world.

557) Is there a table to the souls in that world? Yes. In that world, the souls eat food and satiation of refinement as the ministering angels eat. Do the angels above eat? Yes, and as their eating, Israel ate in the desert—the manna. That food is the dew that drips and extends from above, from the next world, Bina. It is food from the light of the oil of the holy ointment, and the souls of the righteous are nourished from there in the Garden of Eden and enjoy there, since the souls of the righteous clothe there in the lower Garden of Eden as they clothed in this world.

558) On Sabbaths and on festivals, the souls take off their garments and rise to see the glory of their Master, to be properly refined in the upper refinement, as it is written, “‘And it shall be from new moon to new moon and from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh will come to bow down before Me,’ says the Lord.” Will every flesh come? But it is not so. It should have said “Every spirit” or “Every soul,” what is “Every flesh”? Indeed, the Creator made man in this world similar to the glory of the upper glory above, the Hochma of the 32 paths. The upper glory is spirit to spirit, which shines for ZA, who is called “spirit” [Ruach], and soul to soul, which shines to Bina, who is called “soul” [Neshama], until it reaches a place below that is called “body” [Guf], Malchut, instilling within it one Ruach of the source of life, which is called “all,” which is Yesod, as it is written, “The merit of the land is in all.” That “all” is a Ruach [spirit] to that Guf [body].

559) The man in this world is Guf. The Ruach that governs him is like the upper Ruach, which is called “all,” governing the Guf above, Malchut. That Ruach in a man’s body is called “Every flesh,” and it is written about it, “‘All flesh will come to bow down before Me,’ says the Lord.” It is written about that refinement, “Neither has the eye seen a God besides you who works for him who waits for Him.”

560) The Creator will grant you and will hear your voice when you need Him.

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