The Soul of Every Living Thing

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217) “The soul of every living thing” is a soul that exits the One who lives forever, Yesod de ZA. And because he is His, for all the blessings come forth from Him and are in Him, and He waters and blesses below, toward Malchut, this soul that comes forth from him has permission to bless this place, Malchut.

218) This is why souls come forth from that living one, Yesod de ZA, upon the beginning of the Sabbath. These souls that come forth bless the very place that is called a “name” below, Malchut, and this is why they say, “The soul of every living thing shall bless Your name,” to Malchut, who is called a “name.” That place from which the souls come forth, Yesod, blesses Malchut from above, and it follows that this name receives blessings from below and from above and is included in all the sides.

219) On weekdays, Malchut receives blessings from the rest of the souls who bless her from below. On the Sabbath day she receives blessings from the upper souls of Atzilut, who bless her with 45 words, as the count of the name MA [in Gematria].

We explained about MA and MI that MI is the upper world, Bina, and MA is the lower world, Malchut. There are 45 words from “The soul of every living thing” to the words “The last.” From “And if our mouths were full of song” to the words, “And from before,” another praise comes up, which is 50 words. And although the words are not counted there, for there is no end of a matter there, indicating a special count, since the words, “And from before,” are still in the middle of the matter, still the number MI, 50 words, is counted.

Henceforth, another praise adds up to the number 100 words, until “You will rise in the mouths of the upright,” which is the completion of everything, the Gadlut of Malchut who has ten Sefirot, each of which comprises 10, thus they are 100. It is one Merkava [chariot/assembly] on what the perfection of the upper one, ZA, lies.

220) This praise and all those words are all specific organs, degrees in the count of the completion of the Sabbath, to complement them properly. Happy is the people who knows how to set up the praise of its Master properly. Henceforth it is the order of the prayer as it was established.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / TRUMA – click)

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