To You It Was Shown to Know

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631) “To you it was shown to know that the Lord, He is God.” When Israel came out of Egypt, they did not know the faith of the Creator because in the exile, they were all idol worshipping and forgot all the roots of the faith that they had had before, which the 12 tribes inherited from their father Jacob.

632) When Moses came, he taught them that there is an upper God in the world. Afterwards they all saw all those miracles and mighty deeds by the sea, and all the miracles and mighty deeds that he had done for them in Egypt. Then they saw several might deeds with manna and with water, and the Torah was given to them, and they learned the ways of the Creator until they arrived at that time.

633) Moses said to them, “Thus far I had to teach you as one teaches a child. This is the meaning of ‘To you it was shown to know,’ that I was teaching you thus far to know—to know, to look, and to enter in the matter of faith, which is ‘That the Lord, He is God.’”

634) Is it not a small thing to know it? But it is written, “And know this day and respond to your heart that the Lord, He is the God. In heaven above and on the earth below, there is none other.” But the whole matter of faith—to know by it the secret of all secrets, to the hidden of all hidden, HaVaYaH Elokim—is the full name, since HaVaYaH is ZA and Elokim is Malchut, indicating that all is one. “To you it was shown to know that the Lord, He is the God.” Here lies the secret of secrets, to those who know the judgment, that ZA, who is HaVaYaH, and Elokim, who is Malchut, are one.

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