When the Creator Created the World

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8) When the Creator, who is Bina, created the world, which is Malchut, He carved in His engravings the faith, Malchut, within the upper lights. When the Creator, Bina, raised faith, meaning Malchut, to Himself, and carved the faith with engravings inside His own upper lights, out of that came Bina and TM of Bina and descended to the degree below her, leaving KH de Kelim in Bina, in lights of Ruach Nefesh. This is considered “engraving in His lights.” He engraved above, in Bina, and engraved below, in Malchut. Afterwards, Malchut, too, received that above-mentioned carving that was made in Bina.

It is all one: Malchut’s engraving was in one form with Bina’s engraving, in the engravings of the holy name HaVaYaH, who governs his letters above and below, in Bina and Malchut, which are the first Hey and the bottom Hey de HaVaYaH, both of which are of a single form, Hey. Thus, the worlds were completed—the upper world, Bina, and the lower world, Malchut.

9) The upper world was completed with the letter Yod of HaVaYaH, which includes AA and AVI, the first and uppermost point, AA, who comes out of the hidden and concealed that is unknown and that is not about to know, and which is not known at all. His ascent is in Ein SofAtik, and out of that concealment, from AA, there illuminates a single fine and hidden light: upper AVI. There are two Yesodot in them: 1) a narrow trail, 2) a hidden path, which includes within it all the lights.

Within the hidden path in AVI, which is the Miftacha [key], he who did not trample him at first, when he was in upper AVI, trampled him. Now he trampled and opened the blockade, lowering the Yod from the Avir of the hidden path and making light again, and those who did not illuminate in him illuminated. Even though he illuminated in him, he still did not illuminate due to lack of Hassadim.

Then he took out a single light, which is refinement for refinement, Hochma to Hochma, since Eden is Hochma de AA that was blocked, and this Hochma is Bina that returned to Rosh AA and became Hochma. She is called “Eden” because she receives from Eden in Rosh de AA, hence she is called “refinement for refinement.” She is to play and to conceal the fine light, the light of Hassadim de AVI that was hidden in that light. The light of Hassadim de AVI was concealed at the time of the coming out of this Hochma, and it is YESHSUT.

10) Through the middle line, six ReshimotVAK de Hochma, which are unknown, existed and were completed in this light, refinement for refinement, which is blocked due to absence of Hassadim. They do not appear in order to illuminate, except when the fine light of AVI comes in to be concealed. At that time, the refinement for refinement illuminates in its illumination. This is so because illumination of Hochma illuminates only on the point of Shuruk during the journeying of the three points—HolamShurukHirik—one after the other. When the point of Shuruk illuminates, the light of Hassadim de AVI is blocked. It follows that the refinement for refinement shines only during the concealment of the fine light, which is the light of Hassadim de AVI.

11) This light, which comes out to the lower ones out of the fine light, is terrible and awful, and mighty strong. This is so because Malchut de Midat ha Din [quality of judgment], called Man’ula [lock] is established in that fine light, from which upper AVI are established. This fine light expanded and became one world, upper AVI, which illuminates to all the worlds. It is a hidden world, which is not known at all, since the Yod does not come out of their Avir, and 60,000 thousand dwellers, armies, and upper camps dwell within it. These are expansion from the lights HGT NHY de Atik, whose Sefirot are 10,000, which is clothed within them, and of HS de AVI, whose Sefirot are thousands, hence they are 60,000 thousands.

12) And because the Yod brought them out as two PartzufimAVI from the fine light and YESHSUT from the light of refinement for refinement, and they were completed together, they are one bonding YodHey. Upper AVI are Yod, including AA and AVI, and YESHSUT are the letter Hey. Also, they are the letter Vav that conjoined in the hidden world, in the hidden refinement for refinement, YESHSUT, the letter Hey.

Within the Hey there is the letter Vav, which implies Jacob. Then it is written, “For Jacob has chosen Koh [the Lord] for himself,” meaning he clung to the name YodHey [Koh], and this is the Zivug of Jacob and Leah, when the light there receives from below upward and is regarded as VAK. When the Vav comes out and is completed out of the YodHey, becoming a Vav in itself with those Mochin of YodHey, and he has GAR, then Israel are “His merit.” He is called “Israel” and not Jacob, and he joins Rachel below, meaning Malchut. At that time the Malchut is called Segula [merit], and this is the meaning of “Israel for his merit,” and this is the Zivug of Jacob and Rachel.

13) Except for Jacob, the rest of the people in the world were not given permission to rise to Bina and cling to YodHey, but only to “His merit,” the place that receives and collects everything, the degree below, Malchut. From the Malchut, they receive illumination of Hassadim that is above, in Bina, who is Leah, by blocking the will. However, it is not as openly as Jacob takes, as it is written, “And they shall take a donation for Me.”

Jacob rose and joined in YodHey Himself, and receives from there illumination of Hassadim in Bina, which is the Zivug of Jacob and Leah. Hence, the rest of the people in the world are bound in two sisters, since there is revealing of nakedness in them, as they extend the illumination of Bina, Leah, in the place of Malchut, Rachel. But Jacob, who rose up to the place of Bina herself, was permitted that, even while her sister Rachel was alive.

It is written, “And they shall take a donation for Me,” meaning that the rest of the people in the world will take Malchut and raise her, and there will not be two sisters remaining, for then they will desecrate her with revealing of the nakedness, the Dinim, since they themselves are from Malchut’s place, the place of the Dinim.

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