You Shall Make the Tabernacle with Ten Curtains

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664) “You shall make the tabernacle with ten curtains.” Here is the unification, since ten curtains correspond to ten Sefirot, for the establishing of the tabernacle is from several degrees, for it is written about it, “And the tabernacle was one,” showing that all the organs of the body of the tabernacle are of a single body.

665) It is like a person who has several high and low organs. The internal ones are inside, and the revealed ones are outside. However, all are considered one body, and it is considered one person in one bonding. So is the tabernacle: all the organs are such as above, and when they all unite as one, it is written, “And the tabernacle was one.”

666) The Mitzvot of the Torah are parts and organs as above. When they all join into one, they all rise to one place. The tabernacle is organs and parts, all adding up to a man, such as the Mitzvot of the Torah, since all the Mitzvot of the Torah are in man, male and female, ZON. When they conjoin, they are one, in a man, HaVaYaH filled with Alephs, which is Adam [man] in Gematria. One who omits even a single Mitzva in the Torah, it is as though he omitted the form of faith, Malchut, for all the organs are together in man. For this reason, everything rises in a unification.

667) This is why Israel are one nation, as it is written about them, “And you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, you are men,” and as it is written, “And who is as Your people Israel, one nation in the land.”

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