42 Offerings of Balak

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65) Everything is established and revealed before the Creator. Although Balak and Balaam did not intend for the Creator with their offerings, all is set up before Him, and does not reduce their reward in this world at all. At that time, they ruled over Israel through their offering, which caused 24,000 people to depart from Israel, besides all those who were killed. And the Lord said to Moses, “Take all the heads of the people and condemn them to the Lord.” Until now that offering is hanging to avenge Israel. They built seven altars and offered sacrifices on them, 42 in total.

66) Balaam and Balak made these 42 offerings and took them from the Sitra Achra to the Creator. For this reason, the offering was hanging, so the Sitra Achra would take it from Israel. This is called “a curse,” but until now she did not take from them. It is written about Elisha, “And he turned back and saw them,” the boys who were teasing him and told him, “Go up, you baldhead.” “And he turned back” means after Divinity, since the Sitra Achra stands in the back. “And saw them” means he looked and saw in those 42 children, the Sitra Achra, who is called “a curse,” and he saw them as deserving punishment.” Hence, “[he] cursed them in the name of the Lord.” “In the name of the Lord,” to take out the name of the Creator from the necessity of the offering that Balaam and Balak offered. All is corrected before the Creator and nothing is lost. Similarly, all is corrected before the Creator, for better and for worse.

67) Because David ran away from Saul, he caused all the priests of the city of Nob to be lost. Of all of them, only Eviatar, who fled, remained. This caused Israel several ills: Saul and his sons died, and several thousands and tens of thousands of Israel died. Yet, it was David who had to repent for that sin, until all of David’s sons were lost in a single day, and only Yoash remained. He was stolen by Yehosheva, daughter of Yoram, just as only Eviatar remained of Ahimelech, and until today that sin is hanging, to sentence Nob for that sin of Nob, as it is written, “Yet today he will halt at Nob.”

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