A Flame Under the Wings of the Rooster

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394) Torah that is studied at night is purer than Torah that is studied during the day, since the purity of the written Torah is in the oral Torah, in Malchut, which is called “night.” The oral Torah, Malchut, governs at night and awakens more than at daytime, and when Malchut governs, she is the purity in the Torah.

395) When a Northern wind awakens and half the night is through, a flame emerges and strikes under the wings of the rooster, who knocks with his wings and calls. When that flame reaches him and awakens before him, he looks at it and is startled and calls. He looks and observes for his Master’s glory, to do His will, and he calls upon people to rise and serve the Creator.

396) This is why he is called “a grouse,” from the word, “looking.” And he is called “a rooster” because he awakens in the flame of Gevura, and in the side of Gevura, he comes to awaken in the world. Then, those with faith stand and give might and strength to the assembly of Israel, Malchut, and this is called “the song of the Torah.” And for having risen at midnight, King David was rewarded with the kingship—he and his sons forever and for generations to come.

397) When the rooster calls and people sleep in their beds and do not awaken, the rooster calls, strikes his wings and says, “Woe unto so and so; he is cursed by his Master, he is abandoned by his Master,” since his spirit has not awakened and he did not observe the King’s honor.

398) At the rise of day, a herald declares about him and says, “But no one says, ‘Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night,’” to help him with those praises so that all will be in one assistance. The Malchut sings to ZA at night, to help man so he, too, will awaken with these praises. And when one praises and engages in Torah, she raises MAN, he helps the Malchut, and they are both in one assistance.

What is “My Maker”? When a person rises at midnight, he engages in the song of the Torah, since the song of the Torah is read only at night, when he engages in the Torah. When the day rises, the Creator and the assembly of Israel correct him with a single thread of grace that was saved from all, to illuminate him among the upper ones and lower ones.

399) “Where is God my Maker.” It should have said, “Makes for me”; why “My Maker”? When he rises at midnight to engage in Torah, when the day rises, Abraham awakens with his thread of grace and the Creator and the assembly of Israel correct him. They make him a new creation every day, as it is written, “God, my Maker.”

400) Elokah [God] has the letters AlephLamedVavHeyEL [AlephLamed] is Abraham, in regards to whom it is written, “The great God.” Vav is the Creator, ZAHey is the assembly of Israel, Malchut, and this is Elokah. It implies to Hesed, to ZA, and to Malchut, and they make the man and correct him every day. This is why it is written, “My Maker,” as in, “Let Israel rejoice in his Maker,” which relates to the Creator.

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