An Added Neshama [Soul]

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183) When that lowermost point, Malchut, rises and appears, meaning when she receives Hochma—called “vision”—and is adorned in the upper Mochin, there is every joy above and below, and all the worlds are in joy. On that night of the Sabbath, that point expands in its lights and spreads its wings on the whole world, all the other rulers pass away, and there is watching over the world.

184) At that time the spirit of Neshama is added in Israel, on each and every one, and in that added Neshama they forget every sadness and wrath, and there is only joy above and below. When that spirit that came down and was added in the people of the world comes down, it bathes in the perfumes of the Garden of Eden, descends, and stays over the holy people. Happy are they when that spirit awakens.

185) When the spirit comes down, 60 Merkavot [chariots/assemblies] that crown VAKHGT NHY, come down with it to the Garden of Eden. Each consists of ten, thus they are 60. When it reaches the Garden of Eden, all those spirits and souls in the Garden of Eden are crowned in that spirit. The herald calls out and says, “Happy are you, O Israel, a holy nation, that the will of your Master awakens toward you.”

186) The secret of secrets is for those who know wisdom. Happy are they when that spirit awakens. That spirit is expansion of that point, Malchut, and comes out of it and expands in the world. That spirit is the Sabbath that is below, which is why keeping is written in regard to it, “And the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath.” It is written, “The Sabbath,” to include that spirit which is over all. It must be kept because it is with the man, and this is why it is written, “every one who keeps from profaning the Sabbath.”

187) There is another secret, that spirit enjoys on that day from the joys of Israel and from their pleasures. For this reason, it must be delighted with food and drink three times in three meals of the three degrees of faith. That spirit receives joy and pleasure on those meals of Israel.

188) That spirit enjoys all the six days from the upper spirit of Atik. On the Sabbath day—since it came down and bathed in the Garden of Eden at night—it is delighted with the delight of the body in the meal of the faith, and this spirit is crowned from above and from below, and its place is on all the sides, in Hochma and in Hassadim, in the crown of above, Hassadim, and in the crown of below, Hochma.

189) And when it is with the man, it must be kept. It is written about it, “And the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath.” The Sabbath is the bottom point, Malchut. “The” is the spirit, the expansion of that point. When Kedusha and blessings are added to that point from above, everything is illuminated, and that illumination becomes a spirit that illuminates from all the sides: half of it divides above and shines, and half of it divides below and shines. It is written, “Between Me and the children of Israel,” that the spirit divides between him and Israel, and we have a part and a portion together.

190) The part of above was crowned on that day from the high and holy delight, enjoying the high brightness of AtikKeter. The bottom part is crowned on that day with the delight of below, enjoying those meals that Israel make. This is why it must be delighted with food and drink, garments of honor, and with much joy.

191) When the part below is crowned and kept as it should, it rises up and unites with the other part. That point, Malchut, takes everything from the spirit, from the part above and from the part below, and is included in all the sides. And because it is crowned on Sabbath from above and from below, all the other days, HGT NHY, give strength to all, and Malchut is given dominance from above and from below. This matter is found in King Solomon’s book, and Rabbi Shimon explained it. Happy are Israel.

192) It is written, “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day He ceased from work and rested.” “And rested” means woe, for the soul had been lost. Therefore, it should have said woe to the body, from which the soul had been lost. Why is it written, “And rested,” mentioning only the soul [soul is Nefesh, from the word Nefisha, “rest”]? There is a soul in a man, which receives and draws to it a spirit from the eve of the Sabbath. That spirit is within that soul, and stays in it all through the Sabbath day. Then that soul is in Gadlut and more benefit than it was.

193) All the souls of Israel are crowned on the Sabbath day. Their crown is a spirit that dwells within them. When the Sabbath ends and the spirit rises, woe to the soul that had lost what it lost—that upper crown and the holy force that was in it. It is as it is written, “And rested,” meaning woe to the soul that had lost what it lost.

194) The time of the sages, who know the upper secrets, is from the eve of the Sabbath to the eve of the Sabbath. Yet, we see that the lower KeterMalchut, receives from ZA in a daytime Zivug, and at night she gives food to all her armies, as it is written, “She rises while it is still night and gives prey to her household and a portion to her maidens.” Thus, she takes in the daytime Zivug and gives at night. Therefore, there is no Zivug at night, so how was it said that there is a Zivug on the night of the Sabbath?

195) The night of the Sabbath is Malchut, who divides the souls to all those sages who know the wisdom. There is no Zivug on another day in complete joy without some other mixture of the Sitra Achra as on that night because she divides those souls into sages, righteous, pious, as it should be. Also, each night at midnight, there is a Zivug of ZA with Malchut. However, it is not complete on all the sides as the Zivug of the Sabbath night.

196) This is why the sages, who know secrets, must set up their intercourse on that night, for on all the days of the Sabbath we have another spirit that is over the world, but on this night, we have another spirit, holy one, superior, who comes down to the holy sons. That spirit blows [“spirit” also means “wind”] from AtikKeter, and comes down to the lowest point to give in it rest for all. Also, that spirit divided to all the sides above and below, as it is written, “Between Me and the children of Israel.”

197) When these sages sit in that high and holy spirit, they must perform intercourse in their beds. This is because that spirit draws down in his wake all those holy souls, and the upper holy ones inherit in that spirit holy souls for their sons, as it should be.

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