The Keeping on the Sabbath

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198) When that spirit is on the world, all the evil spirits and all the evil slanderers depart from the world, and we do not need to pray for the keeping because Israel are kept in that spirit, a canopy [Sukkah] of peace, Malchut, spreads its wings over them, and they are kept from all.

199) But we learn that one must not go out alone on the fourth night of the week and on the night of the Sabbath. Therefore, should one be careful? But it is said that on Sabbath night, people are kept from all the slanderers of the world and we do not need to pray for keeping.

200) On the fourth night of the week, one should keep from the Sitra Achra because it writes “Lights” without a Vav, implying the diminution of the moon. Because the moon, Malchut, is deficient, several camps of spirits were included in that “Lights.” Curses and lights are in the diminution of the moon, and all of them govern on that night. This is why it is forbidden to come out alone.

201) On Sabbath night all the harm doers disperse to enter the hole in the dust so that they cannot rule and harm. This means that before they enter the hole in the dust, they can do harm. Therefore, a man alone should keep from coming out alone because they can harm him while they are still on their way, before they enter the hole in the dust. Also, although they cannot rule, they can sometimes be seen, and a lone person should keep himself from seeing them, for he could be harmed by the seeing.

202) If a person is forbidden to come out alone on Sabbath night, is that a lack of keeping? But on the Sabbath there is keeping for the holy nation. And when the Sabbath enters, the Creator crowns each and everyone of Israel with an added soul, and that holy crown with which they were crowned must be kept. And although the harm doers are no longer in the world, they sometimes still appear to people who are alone, their luck weakens, and the man should crown himself with the holy crown and keep it.

203) In the end, there is keeping for the holy nation because the canopy of peace, Bina, is spread over the people, for wherever the canopy of peace is present, the Sitra Achra is absent. This is why it is keeping and the keeping is present.

204) The Sabbath day is joy for all, and everything is kept above and below. The lowest point, Malchut, illuminates to raise with beauty 70 crowns to AVI, which she receives from ZAT de AVI, each of which consists of ten. These are the added pieces to the night of the Sabbath, and the oldest of all who are old, Keter, awakens to bestow upon her.

205) When the light rises, the holy people rush to the synagogue with garments of honor, with joy, crowning in the holy crown above. In that spirit, which is the added soul, which stands over them below, they praise with songs and praises. The praises go up, all the upper ones and lower ones rejoice, and all are crowned together. The upper ones start and say, “Happy are you, holy nation in the land, that your Master is crowned over you, and all the holy armies crown themselves for you.”

206) That day is the day of the souls. It is not the day of the body because it is the domination of the bundle of souls, Bina. Upper ones and lower ones all stand in a single Zivug in a crown of the added high and holy spirit.

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