And a Throne Is Established Through Mercy

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9) “And a throne is established through mercy and a judge will sit on it in truth in the tent of David.” When the thought, Hochma, upper AVI, rose to be corrected by the will of joy from the most hidden of all that are hidden, who is unknown and unattainable, being Atik, the joy of Atik came and illuminated inside the thought, which is Aba. At that time it entered where it entered, mating with upper Ima in the light of Hesed in a never ending Zivug, as it is written, “Because He desires mercy.”

He explains that preparation that was done in Hesed by correcting the Partzuf of upper AVI in the light of Hesed in a Zivug PBP [face-to-face], “Because He desires mercy,” meaning that that great Zivug never stops. It is so because that desiring mercy in AVI extends to them from Atik, for when Atik corrected Partzuf AVI, the joy of the light of Hesed in Atik illuminated to Aba until this joy clung to Aba so much that he no longer receives Hochma. Rather, he mates with upper Ima in a never ending Zivug, only in illumination of Hassadim. It is written about that correction of upper AVI, “And a throne is established through mercy.”

10) Until AVI were hidden—meaning corrected and clothed in the upper palace, BinaYESHSUT, the hidden palace where Hochma is not revealed up in his place, but from which all the lights pour out and extend, the light of Hassadim from the right line, and the light of Hochma from the left line, and the light of Daat in the middle line—the light of Hassadim first traveled from the right, and then the light of Hochma and the light of Daat traveled.

The throne below, Malchut, is established from the right side because the Creator, ZA, established a throne in Hesed, which extends from the right line of YESHSUT and from upper AVI, and does not sit on the throne, Malchut, but in a seal, which is called “truth.” This is the correction of the middle line, as it is written, “Will sit on it in truth,” in the correction of the seal over everything. In the tent of David, Malchut, the throne is below.

11) “Judging and seeking sentence, and prompt in justice” is the end of the verse. “Judging,” from the side of Din, left line. “Seeking sentence,” from the side of Rachamim [mercy], the middle line. “And Prompt in justice” is the chair of Din, the courthouse of below, Malchut. Likewise, the tabernacle was established from the right, Hesed, by which all the generations that extend from Malchut were counted and established below.

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