Bezalel, His Name Caused

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53) The Creator wanted Bezalel for the work of the tabernacle more than all of Israel. His name caused, for he was called Bezalel, Betzel [in the shadow of] El [God]. God is the name of Hesed. The Creator places names in the earth to be crowned by them and to do with them the work of the world, as it is written, “Who puts names in the earth,” that the names people name in the earth are placed upon them from the mouth of the Lord.

54) Judah was from the left side, since Judah is Malchut, and Malchut is built from the left. He clung once more to the right, to ZA, and this is why the tabernacle was made on that side, beginning from the left side and clinging to the right. Afterwards they were included in one another and all became right. Likewise is the Torah, Tifferet. It began from the left, since Tifferet was emanated from Gevura, left, clung to the right, in Hesed, they were included in one another, and all became right. Reuben started from the right, since Reuben is Hesed and leans to the left, since he took the rest of the tribes with him to his banner—Shimon and Gad—which are left, as he started from the right and leaned to the left.

55) Judah started from the left because he came from the left, Malchut, and Malchut is built from the left. Then he clung to the right, and the tabernacle, too, was made on that side, beginning from the left and clinging to the right, since the tabernacle is Malchut. Hence, Bezalel, who came from the side of Judah, made the tabernacle and it was established in his place since he is similar to the tabernacle. The Creator desired him and chose him from among all of Israel to that work of the tabernacle.

56) He gave him wisdom and understanding and knowledge because to begin with, he had the understanding of the heart with him, as it is written, “And in the heart of every wisehearted, I have placed wisdom,” since he was already wisehearted. “For this reason I placed wisdom in him.” It is so because the Creator gives wisdom only to those in whom there is wisdom. Likewise, Bezalel, in whom there was wisdom, the Creator gave him wisdom. Bezalel, Betzel El [in the shadow of God], the name caused him, and he was called so after his wisdom.

57) “Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved.” “In his shade I took delight and sat, and his fruit, sweet to my palate.” “In his shade” is Bezalel, who established the tabernacle and made it. “I took delight and sat” means that the tabernacle is pleasant to sit in, giving delight to the Assembly of Israel, and the Assembly of Israel dwells in the shadow of God. This is Bezalel.

58) “And his fruit was sweet to my palate” is ZA, who makes good fruits in the world. Fruits are the souls of the righteous, who are the fruit of the work of the Creator. A river that comes out of Eden is Yesod de ZA, which brings out and throws souls into the world, and they are the fruits of the Creator.

59) “In his shade” is Bezalel. Hence, the establishment of the tabernacle was by Bezalel, which is why it is written, “And Bezalel the son of Uri, the son of Hur.” “Son of Uri” is the light of the sun that comes out. This is the right. “The son of Hur” is the left, hence the Din of the Creator is completed in him in the deed with the calf, which the mixed multitude killed.

60) It is written, “All the gold that was made for the work.” From the time when Israel gave it, it was already made and established above before, in all the holy work. All the gold was already made and corrected in all the holy work above, since in each degree, gold was established in it, as there is no wholeness except Rachamim and Din. For this reason the gold would go in all the work of the tabernacle, in all the degrees of Malchut, in every work that is called “holy.”

61) The Creator desires Din in everything, mingling Hesed and Din with one another. For this reason, he extends the Din for the wicked of the world. If He wishes Din, why is He patient and removes it from the wicked? How many sages have been uprooted for not knowing the real reason? But Rabbi Shimon disclosed several things in that.

62) The Din that the Creator desires is a clear Din, which evokes love and joy. It is the Din of the left line after it unites with the right line. At that time it is wine that delights God and people. The same applies to gold, but when the wicked are in the world, they are all the Din of filth, they are all Din which the Creator has no wish for at all. For this reason, we must not mingle the holy Din with the Din of filth, until the Din of filth is naturally consumed and the wickedness vanishes from the world, since the Din of filth in it removes it from the world.

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