And He Will Be the Faith of Your Times

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50) It is written, “And He will be the faith of Your times, the strength of salvation of wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is His treasure.” Any person who engages in Torah in this world and is rewarded with setting up times for it should be with faith that his desire will be aimed at the Creator, ZA, that he will intend for the Creator. Malchut is called “a name,” to mate with the heaven, ZA, since the faith, Malchut, intended to connect with ZA, as it is written, “The faith of Your times,” where “Your times” are the times for Torah, ZA, and faith—Malchut—to bond together. “The strength of salvation,” including Hesed in Din, since strength is Din and salvation is Hesed. “Of wisdom and knowledge.” These are one atop the other because the Hochma is hidden and concealed, and they should be placed one atop the other, as Hochma appears only through the Daat.

51) “The fear of the Lord is His treasure.” It is the treasure of all those degrees, for the fear of the Lord, Malchut, takes all those rivers, degrees, and becomes a treasurer for them all. When all those secrets come out of her, she takes them out by number, as it is written, “Your eyes are pools in Heshbon [calculation],” since she certainly calculates and brings out those pools of water, which are the degrees that she received within her, minding to take out everything in calculation.

There is disclosure of Hochma only in Malchut, hence Malchut is called “a treasurer.” Like a treasurer who keeps and sustains all that is placed within it, Malchut receives within her all the Sefirot and degrees, and imparts within them illumination of Hochma, by which they are kept and sustained. She takes them out by calculation, in illumination of Hochma, which is called Mochin of calculation, and he brings an evidence to that from the text: “Your eyes are pools in Heshbon,” since Hochma is called “eyes.” Heshbon [calculation] is imparting of Hochma. Pools are the degrees she receives, and he says that she takes out the pools in her by calculation, meaning illumination of Hochma from the eyes.

52) Because there is calculation in Malchut, which is Hochma that sustains everything, she is called “faith,” since faith is faithfulness and sustenance. In the upper Sefirot and degrees that Malchut receives, one should see faith, to illuminate them in the count, as it is written, “The fear of the Lord is His treasure.” At that time in the generations of the world—in the corrections of Malchut herself, which is called “world,” in the vessels of the tabernacle—it is all the more needed to calculate and show the faith, which is the keeping. This is why the Creator announced to all of Israel the matter of faith of the makers of the tabernacle in all that they did, as it is written, “These are the accounts of the tabernacle.”

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