But on the Tenth of the Seventh Month

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398) Malchut is called by the name HaVaYaH on the 15th day, as it is written, “On the fifteenth day of this seventh month.” It is also written, “However, on the tenth day of this seventh month.” It is all the same matter: when the next world, Bina, stands in all ten utterances, her ten Sefirot, over this month, Malchut, she is called “on the tenth.” And when the moon of the ten Sefirot of Bina is inscribed between them in one completion, Malchut is called “On the fifteenth,” since the letter HeyMalchut, bonded and was engraved among the ten Sefirot of Bina.

399) This is the meaning of Malchut being called YodHey VavHey. When she stands in the name HaVaYaH, she connects to the bottom Hey of this HaVaYaH, and she is added to being in the letter Hey of HaVaYaH as in the beginning. It follows that she is the whole of the name HaVaYaH, and she is in the bottom Hey of HaVaYaH. One is to be engraved and bond above—and in that sense, Malchut takes the entire name HaVaYaH—and one is to give nourishments below. In that sense, she connects to the bottom Hey of HaVaYaH. At that time the moon is in completion to all the sides in the name HaVaYaH, above and below, so that all will be one matter and one wholeness.

400) Joshua is the completion of the moon in the letters Ben Nun [son of Nun], in Nun (50) gates, such as Bina, since Nun is the moon when she is full, in completion of the holy name HaVaYaH. Then he is full of the spirit of wisdom, VAK de Hochma, which is called Ruach [spirit].

401) The upper point, Yod de HaVaYaHHochma, expanded and brought forth RuachVAK de Hochma, the Ruach made the palace, Bina, and Ruach expanded from the palace and became VAKZA. And Ruach expanded in VAK de HB, filling and making a palace below—Malchut in her fullness—and everything was filled, making the holy name HaVaYaH in Malchut, in one completion.

402) For this reason, Joshua “Was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses had laid his hands upon him.” Moses, the face of the sun, ZA, imparted his blessings upon him, and the well—Malchut—was filled. Joshua, the face of the moon, was filled by ZA, and each of the upper holy ones were filled with the spirit of wisdom [Hochma], standing in her fullness in the wisdom because the Creator desires them and has laid His hands on them. Happy am I that my eyes have seen this, and they saw in them the wholeness of the spirit of wisdom.

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