One Who Eats Without a Prayer

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403) “You shall not eat with the blood; neither shall you practice divination nor soothsaying.” One who eats without prayer should pray for his blood. He is as one who practices divination and soothsaying.

404) At night, the soul rises to see the upper glory, each as she deserves. The man stays in that force that spreads through the blood to sustain the body. For this reason, he tastes the taste of death, for the force of the blood is not willing to awaken toward the force of the soul and accept her. Therefore, when a person awakens from his sleep, he is not pure, for the Sitra Achra governs a place that is without a soul.

405) Once he is purified in water, although the man engaged in Torah, a soul does not exist in her place and does not govern a person, but only the force of the blood, which is called Nefesh. That Nefesh always spreads through the blood, and when a person prays a prayer to worship his Master, the force of the blood settles in its place, and the force of the soul increases and it settles in that place in the body. At that time the man is completed before his Master, as the soul is needed below, and the word of the soul above.

406) For this reason, one who prays a prayer before he has eaten positions himself properly and the soul rises to her dwelling place as she should. But if he eats before he prays his prayer, so the blood may settle in its place, he is as one who practices divination and soothsaying because this is the way of one who practices divination—to elevate the Sitra Achra and to lower the side of Kedusha.

407) A man who eats before he prays is regarded as practicing divination because he exerted in the serpent of the Klipot to increase his power and grow stronger. It is as one who worships other gods. Similarly, he worships the force of the blood and did not worship the Creator, to enhance the side of the soul, the side of Kedusha.

408) One who eats prior to his prayer is called soothsaying because he exerted in an iniquity and did not exert in merits. [In Hebrew] Soothsaying has the letters of “from iniquity.” Why is the letter Nun standing in the middle of the word “soothsaying”? Accordingly, he should have said, “causing iniquity,” without the Nun in the middle? So it is, indeed. It is impossible to rule over the Sitra Achra until a mingling of Kedusha is mingled with her, like a fine thread. One who wishes to keep a lie should mix it with a word of truth so that that lie will persist. Hence, an iniquity is a lie, and to keep it, a word of truth is inserted into it. This is the Nun in the middle of the word, “soothsaying,” and by that the lie is kept. Therefore, one who did not pray a prayer before the Creator for his blood prior to eating is as one who practices divination and soothsaying.

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