Calculation and a Number

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83) Moses commanded and Bezalel did, so that all would be in the body—Moses, Tifferet—and the end of the body—the holy covenant, Bezalel—to increase love and the tie of unification in the tabernacle, in Malchut. All was done in the right. Hence, wherever there is the right side, the evil eye does not control it. This is why it is written, “And the silver of those of the congregation who were numbered.” It is counted by a calculation, which is illumination of Hochma. It is not written in regard to it, “Silver of the wave offering,” since that silver comes from the right, Hesed, hence everything is counted by a number, Hitkalelut [mingling/integration] with the left. For this reason, everything is given from above downward.

84) But there is no blessing in a thing that is measured and calculated, so why was everything calculated in the tabernacle? Wherever the side of Kedusha is on it, meaning that it extends from the middle line, uniting right and left. If the calculation comes from the side of Kedusha, there is always blessing on it, and it does not depart from him. How do we know? From the tithing: because the calculation comes to the holiness, there is blessing in it. It is even more so with the tabernacle, which is holiness and comes from the side of holiness.

85) But with all other things in the world, which are not from the side of Kedusha, there is no blessing on them when they are calculated, since the Sitra Achra, who is evil-eyed, can control it. And because he can control it, there is no blessing in it, so that blessings will not touch that evil-eyed one.

86) Blessings are always added to measurement of Kedusha and to calculation of Kedusha. This is why it is written, “And the silver of those of the congregation who were numbered,” meaning in calculation. “Them that were numbered of the congregation,” and there is no fear of the evil eye and of any calculation because the blessings are in everything from above.

87) The evil eye has no control over the descendents of Joseph because he comes from the right side. This is why the tabernacle was made by Bezalel, for he is on the side of Joseph, the holy covenant, Yesod. For this reason, Moses commands and Bezalel does, so that all will be in the body—Moses, Tifferet—and the end of the body—Bezalel, Yesod, the token of the holy covenant—to increase the love and the tie of unification in the tabernacle—Malchut.

Everything was done on the right. This is why it is written, “And the silver of those of the congregation who were numbered was a hundred talents,” for a calculation is a calculation of great, appointed degrees, GAR, which unite on the right. This is why it is written “A hundred talents,” indicating ten Sefirot, in each of which are ten, for there is GAR in them.

88) It is written, “The eyes of the Lord are to the righteous, and His ears are to their cry.” So why do we see righteous in this world who cannot even obtain food, like crows in the field?

89) All the creations in the world are known above, either to the side of Kedusha or to the side of the Sitra Achra. The ones who are known above to the Kedusha, Her Providence is always on them. Those who are known to Tuma’a, her providence is always upon them. Where the Providence from Kedusha governs, the Sitra Achra will not govern him and will never approach him. He will not be able to move him from his place in all that he does. It is written about it, “The eyes of the Lord are to the righteous,” and because of that, the Sitra Achra will not be able to govern them.

90) But wherever there is Kedusha, even though it is under calculation, the blessing is not denied. And Israel are holy, coming from the side of holiness, as it is written, “Israel was holy to the Lord.” It is also written, “And you will be holy, for I am holy.” Why was there death in them when David calculated Israel, as it is written, “And the Lord sent a plague upon Israel from the morning until the appointed time”?

91) It is because He did not take Shekels for proceeds from them, as it is written, “And each of them shall give a ransom for himself to the Lord when you number them, and there will be no plague among them when you number them.” It is so because holiness must give the proceeds of the holiness, yet it was not taken from them because Israel are holy, standing without calculation. Hence, proceeds must be taken from them, which can be calculated, while they are not calculated.

92) This is because holiness is the highest of all the degrees, upper AVI. As holiness exceeds everything, and has another holiness outside, below, which stands below it—YESHSUT—clothing upper AVI from the outside and being calculated and counted, so are Israel holiness, as it is written, “Israel was holy to the Lord.” They give another holiness—their proceeds—which is to be calculated.

Israel are the tree that stands inside, opposite upper AVI. The proceeds that are given are another holiness, which stands outside and is to be calculated, corresponding to YESHSUT. Also, one protects the other.

The calculation is the Mochin of illumination of Hochma. Upper AVI are in Hassadim that are covered from illumination of Hochma. Only in YESHSUT, which clothe them, does the root of illumination of Hochma appear.

Israel correspond to the holiness in AVI. For this reason, they are not to be calculated, like upper AVI. Rather, they give ransom for their souls, corresponding to YESHSUT, which are to be calculated. At that time, they protect one another, having the blessings from AVI and having the calculation from YESHSUT, extended through the ransom that they give. Therefore, when David made the calculation in Israel without a ransom, the plague broke out in them, since Israel themselves are incalculable and the Kedusha of upper AVI departed them.

93) “Yet the number of the children of Israel will be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or numbered.” What is, “Like the sand of the sea”? There are two manners here: 1. “Like the sand of the sea” means that when the sea raises its waves in anger and the waves come up to wash the world over, when they come and see the sand of the sea, they promptly break and turn back quiet, and cannot rule and wash the world over.

94) Similarly, Israel are like the sand of the sea. When the rest of the nations, the waves of the sea—angry, with harsh Dinim—see that Israel are connected to the Creator, they turn back and break before them, and cannot rule over the world. 2. The sand of the sea is incalculable; it cannot be calculated or measured, as it is written, “Which cannot be measured or numbered.” So are Israel: incalculable and cannot be measured.

95) There is a concealed and hidden measuring, AVI, and there is a calculation that stands in concealment, concealed and hidden, YESHSUT. Although the illumination of Hochma appears in them, which is a calculation, there is no disclosure in their own place. Rather, it is concealed and hidden, and only in Malchut does the Hochma in them appear. One is measured and one is calculated. This is the keeping of everything above and below, since it is never known on what stands the measuring in AVI—the measure of the level of Hassadim in them. Also, it is unknown what the calculation in YESHSUT stands on, and this is the faith of all.

96) Israel below are counted only in covered Hassadim. The proceeds that they give opposite YESHSUT are calculable. Therefore, when Israel are calculated, proceeds are taken from them. This is why in David’s days, when he counted Israel and did not take a ransom from them, there was anger and several hosts and camps were lost from Israel.

97) For this reason, it is written about the work of the tabernacle, “And the silver of them that were numbered of the congregation,” and it is written, “For every one who passed over to them who are numbered,” meaning the calculation. Everything was sanctified for the work of the tabernacle.

“Talents” are as it is written, “A hundred talents,” one calculation. “Shekels” are as it is written, “1,775 shekels, according to the shekel of the holiness,” another calculation. There are upper ones, which rise for a superior calculation—the lights in YESHSUTBina, who is the upper calculation, talents—and there are others, who come up to a different calculation—the calculation in ZA, who illuminates to Malchut. One is superior and one is inferior. This is why it is written, “The hundred talents of silver were for casting the foundations of the holiness.” These are the sockets, who is Malchut in general, who is called ADNI, receiving from a higher calculation, from Bina.

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