Gold from Below Upward, and Silver from Above Downward

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74) “And the gold of the wave offering,” why is it called “the gold of the wave offering” and the silver is not called “of the wave offering”? There are two who are called that: the gold of the wave offering, and the bronze of the wave offering. It is not called “The silver of the wave offering” because the waving is departing upward. Gold is illumination of Hochma in the left line, bronze is Tifferet, the middle line, which consists of Hochma, for the illumination of Hochma illuminates only from below upward.

It is so below, in the Klipot, and it is not the gold of the wave offering because the Sitra Achra extends the Hochma on the left from above downward, and they are not in waving, like the Kedusha. Waving means lifting up, and not lowering down. Silver is Hassadim, and it is permitted to extend it below. This is why it is not written, “Silver of the wave offering.”

75) The illumination of Hochma is called “calculation,” when all the degrees and Merkavot are in waving, illuminating from below upward. This is the gold of the wave offering. The gold, illumination of Hochma, is all that extends below, blocking the vision, the good, and its light. When it is in waving, from below upward, it is a good gold with its light, and every gold that extends below is waste of gold, its fusion, Klipa, and Sitra Achra.

When Hochma extends from the left line, from above downward, she cancels the right line and is in dispute with it. At that time, Hochma is without Hassadim from the right, and therefore her illumination is blocked, for Hochma cannot illuminate without Hassadim. However, once the middle line comes and unites the two lines in one another, it sustains the illumination of both of them in a way that they do not contradict one another, so the light of the right will illuminate from above downward, and the light of Hochma on the left will illuminate only from below upward. When the two lines unite with each other, the Hochma dresses in Hassadim and she illuminates completely, but only from below upward.

However, the Klipot and the Sitra Achra grip only to the left, when it is disputed with the right, extending the Hochma from above downward. Yet, she is dark and full of Dinim. This is why it is said, “And all that gold that extends below is waste of gold, it is its fusion, Klipa, and Sitra Achra.

76) “And the silver of those of the congregation who were numbered.” Silver is the light of Hassadim from the right line. Anything that expands below in this way is good. And although it is not by waving from below upward, it is good. But with gold, which is illumination of Hochma from the left line, anything that expands below is bad. This is why there must be waving of gold, raising, and silver should spread below and to all the sides because it is all good.

77) It is written, “For the Lord God is a sun and a shield; the Lord gives grace and glory.” The sun is the Creator, the holy name, HaVaYaHZA, in which all the degrees are in contentment. A shield is the holy name ElokimMalchut, as it is written, “I am a shield to you.” “I,” Malchut, is called “Am a shield to you.” And the sun and the shield are a complete name, indicating ZA and Malchut in one bonding. “The Lord gives grace and glory,” meaning that Elokim will be a shield, and HaVaYaH will give grace and glory, so all will be one. Although grace and glory are extended in contentment, and a shield is extended with force to one who has enemies, they come as one, from the bonding of HaVaYaH and Elokim.

78) “No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” It is written, “From the wicked their light is withheld.” For this reason, here he says that He will not withhold good from those who walk uprightly. This is the first light, Hesed, of which it is written, “And God saw the light, that it was good,” concealing it from the wicked and denying them in this world and in the next world. But to the righteous, He will not withhold the good for those who walk uprightly.

79) For this reason, the first light does not need ascending from below upward or waving, but rather expansion and disclosure, and not to ascend like the left, gold. This is why it is called “the gold of waving” and not silver. Also, this is why it is written, “And the silver of those of the congregation who were numbered,” and it is not written, “silver of the wave offering.”

80) The right side is always posed to keep the whole world, illuminate, and bless it. Therefore, the priest, the right side, Hesed, is always ready to bless the people, since all the blessings of the world come from the right side, and the priest takes first. For this reason, the priest was appointed on blessings above and below—the Hesed above, and the priest below.

81) When the priest stretches his hands to bless the people, Divinity comes over him and fills his hands. He raises the right hand over the left hand, to elevate the right and make it stronger than the left. Then, all the degrees in which the priest stretches his hands are blessed from the source of everything. The source of the well is a righteous, Yesod. The source of everything is the next world, Bina, from which all the faces, all the Mochin illuminate, for it is the spring and the source of everything, and all the candles and lights are lit from there.

82) As in Bina, the source and the spring of the well, which is Yesod, all those candles below—Malchut’s Sefirot—are illuminated and filled with lights from it. Bina is the source that gives to all. Likewise, Yesod is the source that gives to Malchut. For this reason, when the priest stretches his hands and begins to bless the people, high blessings are on him, from a high source—Bina—to light up the candles. Then all the faces shine and the Assembly of Israel, Malchut, is crowned in high crowns, and all the blessings come down and are drawn from above downward.

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