From the Side of Ima Emerge Klipot, Investigators of Judgment and Law

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248) From the side of Ima emerge Klipot, investigators of judgment and law, and cling to the engravings of the Gevura on the left line, Din, and rule over the Rachamim, as it is written, “That are gathered together against the Lord.” Bina that is on ZA is called HaVaYaH. At that time, the worlds are lacking, they are incomplete, and dispute awakens in all of them.

249) And when the people of the world improve their actions below, the Dinim are perfumed and impregnated, and the Rachamim awaken and rule over that evil that has awakened from the harsh Din. And when the Rachamim awaken, there are joy and comfort because they rule over that evil, as it is written, “And the Lord repented of the evil.” He repented because the harsh Din has surrendered and the Rachamim ruled.

250) When the Dinim are perfumed and Rachamim rule, each Sefira returns to existence and all are blessed together. When each returns to its place, all are blessed together, and Ima is perfumed with bonding the engravings that returned to her, then repentance is considered whole and the world is atoned for, since Ima sits in complete joy, as it is written, “As a joyful mother of children.” At that time she is called Yom Kippur [the day of atonement], in which it is written, “To cleanse you from all your sins,” and fifty gates of the sides of engravings open.

When the people of the world sin, they cause Malchut’s ascent to Bina. At that time, Bina is diminished from the GAR because her three SefirotBina and TM, fall to the degree below her and she becomes VAK without Rosh. Then all the worlds are in Dinim and Katnut. From the side of ImaKlipot of investigators of judgment and law come out and rule over the Rachamim. And when the people of the world improve their actions and raise MAN, a Zivug of AB SAG de AK is done, the illumination of the Zivug reaches Ima, who lowers the Malchut from her and returns her to her place. At that time, the three SefirotBina and TM, that fell from her rise back to her and join her degree. Thus, her GAR are completed. So it occurs on all the degrees that diminished due to the diminution of Bina, since Bina and TM return to them and they obtain GAR.

When the Dinim are perfumed and the Rachamim govern, each Sefira returns to its existence, meaning Bina and TM that fell from the degree return to their existence, to their degree. Then Ima is perfumed in the bonding of the engravings, meaning Bina and TM that were engraved and fell from her return and reunite with Ima, meaning return to Ima, since first, they fell to the degree of ZA, and now they have returned to Ima.

251) It is written, “Then it shall be, if he has sinned and is guilty.” “If he has sinned” refers to those transgressions that are called “sin,” as it is written, “Any of the sins of mankind.” “And is guilty” means that he will correct. “Then it shall be, if he has sinned,” if he corrects his actions, “That he shall restore that which he took by robbery.” Restore means that he returns from himself, meaning that he wishes to correct his actions from himself.

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