Giving a Part to the Sitra Achra

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45) In Job, it is written, “And his sons went and held a feast,” and it is written, “And when the days of their feasting were over,” and it is written, “And they sent and invited their three sisters to eat and to drink with them.” This is the main thing, that he should give to the Sitra Achra, then offer sacrifices. An offering is a male, not a female [in Hebrew]. It rises up in its entirety, and he did not make an offering that would include her properly, giving a part to the Sitra Achra, too.

46) Had he given a part to all, to the Sitra Achra, too, the slanderer would not be able to come afterwards. But why did the Creator harm him for not giving a part to the Sitra Achra? It is because he caused the light to be covered and concealed, since he did not make another offering with which to nourish the Sitra Achra, who has a part in the offerings. Instead, he offered only an offering that rises up and the Sitra Achra has no part in it. This is why it is written, “Thus did Job all the days,” not giving a part to the Sitra Achra. Had the Sitra Achra been fed a part, she would move away from the Temple and would depart from it, and the side of holiness would rise high above.

47) But he did not wish for the Sitra Achra to enjoy his offering and removed himself from her, meaning removed himself from the evil so as to not give her any part. For this reason, he always made an offering [female], since the Sitra Achra never enjoys a [female] offering. Thus, all that the Sitra Achra later took from Job, she took from her own. This is also why Job caused a covering of foreskin over the holy covenant, which was not removed from the holy covenant. And this is the reason why the Creator evoked that slanderer over him, as it is written, “Have you considered My servant Job?”

Job’s sons sinned in eating and drinking; they drank to intoxication, by which foreskin was drawn over the holy covenant, meaning the Sitra Achra blocked the lights imparted from Yesod to the world. This is the main thing for the Sitra Achra, and Job could have protested but he did not protest. Instead, he offered a [female] offering for them. Had he offered a sin-offering, by that he would have given a part to the Sitra Achra and would separate her from the holiness. But because he offered an offering that did not have a part for the Sitra Achra in it, she did not retire from the holiness.

By that, Job caused the foreskin to remain on the holy covenant because of his sons’ sins, because he did not protest against them and did not correct them through an offering. Thus, Job caused a covering of foreskin over the holy covenant, for the foreskin was not removed through a burnt-offering.

48) When the Creator wished to unite with Israel in Egypt, the time was not right because the foreskin, the Sitra Achra, was covering the light until the slanderer came and took what was his from Job. Then the Creator commanded to eat the Passover in haste while the Sitra Achra was preoccupied with Job, and He commanded to remove the foreskin from over them. Then the Creator united with Israel, and the Sitra Achra was separated from the holiness, was preoccupied with Job, and took what was his. And then, “It is the Lord’s Passover,” since thus far it was not Passover for the Lord. Happy are they who know and unite the unification of their Master properly.

There is disclosure of illumination of Hochma only during disclosure of punishments and Dinim [judgments], which are drawn over the wicked who extended Hochma from above downwards. If the disclosure of Dinim ceases, the illumination of Hochma ceases, to chase away the Sitra Achra at that time, who wishes to suck out and to extend the Hochma from above downwards.

When the Creator wished to disclose illumination of Hochma to them, to unite with them, the time was not right because the foreskin, the Sitra Achra, was covering the light. This was so because the foreskin, the Sitra Achra, was awaiting the disclosure of Hochma to extend from above downwards. Hence, the illumination of Hochma was concealed and covered. This is considered that the foreskin covers and blocks the upper light from appearing until such time when the slanderer takes what is his from Job, meaning until the time of disclosure of the punishments and the Dinim, when the wicked who extended the Hochma from above downwards suffer. The disclosure of these Dinim chase away the Sitra Achra and the Hochma can shine.

The Passover offering is disclosure of illumination of Hochma. Hence, the Creator commanded to eat the Passover in haste while the Sitra Achra was busy with Job, since the illumination of Hochma comes with eating the Passover. And the Creator commanded to eat it in haste so it will not be later than the time of disclosing the punishments by which the Sitra Achra punished Job, since then there was no fear of the sucking out of the Sitra Achra. Then it was indeed the Lord’s Passover, since there was confidence that the illumination of Hochma would not be diverted from above downwards and Passover would be brought to the possession of the Sitra Achra.

Until now, it was not the Lord’s Passover. In other words, if illumination of Hochma that comes with eating the Passover—not during disclosure of the punishments—had been revealed, the illumination would not be for the Creator, but for the Sitra Achra, since it would be extended from above downwards.

49) Afterwards, it is written, “You shall keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread.” This means that one who eats leavened bread on Passover, it is as though he commits idolatry.

50) When Israel came out of Egypt, they came out of the possession of the Sitra Achra, who is called “leaven,” “evil bread.” This is why idolatry is called “leavened bread.” The evil inclination is the idolatry, which is also called “sourdough.” Such is the evil inclination in man, like the leaven in the dough, entering man’s intestines slowly and multiplying in it until the whole body is mingled in it. This is idolatry. And this is why it is written, “There shall no strange god be in you.”

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