Jewels from Mount Horeb

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112) It is written, “And the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments from mount Horeb onward.” This means that they caused death to themselves from that night onwards, and that the evil serpent—which they had already removed from themselves in the beginning—controlled them. Israel deserve it. But Joshua did not sin with the calf. Hence, was that higher armor removed from him, that jewel he had received with them on Mount Sinai?

113) If you say that the jewel was not removed from him, then why did he die like the rest of the people? After all, by merit of the jewel they had obtained liberation from the angel of death. And if you say that the jewel was removed from him, why was it removed? After all, he did not sin, for he was with Moses when Israel sinned. And if you say that he did not receive that crown, meaning the jewel, which Israel received on Mount Sinai, then why?

114) “For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness; the upright will behold His face.” “For the Lord is righteous,” and His name is “Righteous.” For this reason, “He loves righteousness,” meaning Malchut, whose name is “Righteousness.” “Upright” means just and right, and “Will behold His face” refers to all the people in the world who will correct their ways to go by the proper, just way.

115) When the Creator sentences the world, He sentences it by the majority. When Adam sinned with the tree from which he ate, he caused the tree, Malchut, to have death in it for the whole world. Also, he caused the flaw of separating a woman from her husband, Malchut from ZA. This sin stood in the moon, Malchut, until the children of Israel stood at Mount Sinai. When Israel stood at Mount Sinai, that flaw of the moon had been removed, the flaw of the separation and death by the tree of knowledge, and she was about to shine forever, ceaselessly. But when Israel sinned with the calf, the moon was flawed once more, as in the beginning, the evil serpent ruled and gripped her, drew her to it, and she was flawed.

116) And when Moses knew that Israel sinned and the holy jewels were removed from them, he certainly knew that the serpent had gripped the moon and drew her to it, and she was flawed. When the serpent wishes to suck from Malchut, the light departs her so it will not have what to suck. This is why he took her outside the camp. And because she is about to be flawed, even though Joshua kept the crown of his jewel, since there is a flaw in Malchut and she reverted to the flaw that was in her in Adam’s sin, hence, a person cannot exist.

The exception is Moses, who governed Malchut, for he was the husband of the mistress. And his death was on another side, by the word of the Lord. Hence, Malchut did not have permission to always sustain Joshua, so he, or any other person, would not die. This is why he called her, “the tent of meeting [also time],” for there was a set time of life to the whole world in her.

117) There is right above and below; there is left above and below. The right above is in the upper holiness; the right below—in the Sitra Achra. The left above is in the upper holiness, to evoke love, so the moon, Malchut, would connect to a holy place, above, in ZA, so it would shine.

118) There is left below, which separates the upper love and separates the Malchut from shining through the sun, and from approaching it. This is the side of the evil serpent. It is so because when this left from below awakens, it pulls the moon to itself and separates her from above, from ZA. Then her light darkens and she clings to the serpent. At that time, she draws death down to all those who clung to the serpent and became removed from the tree of life. This is why he caused death to the whole world with the sin of the tree of knowledge. This is also the meaning of the Temple, Malchut, being defiled until the time when the moon is corrected and shines once more. This is why she is called “the tent of meeting [occasion].”

119) This is why Joshua did not die except by the counsel of that serpent, who approached and blemished the tabernacle, Malchut, as before. This is the meaning of the words, “Joshua, the son of Nun, a youth.” Even though he is a youth below—Matatron is called “a youth,” receiving light from Malchut—he will not move from within the tent, for he is similar to the tent, Malchut. And as the tent was flawed, Joshua was flawed, even though he had the holy jewel from Mount Sinai. This is so because since the moon was flawed, it is certain that he was not the only one to be saved from her, from that actual flaw.

120) Happy are the righteous who know the secrets of Torah and cling to the Torah, and keep the verse, “But you shall meditate on it day and night.” By her merit, they will be rewarded with the life of the next world, as it is written, “For this is your life and the length of your days.”

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