Mentioning the Exodus from Egypt

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429) After the intention of Shema, the exodus from Egypt should be mentioned, since Divinity was in exile. And while she is in exile, there is no bonding where the upper world, ZA, bonds with the lower world, Malchut. It should be shown that the freedom of the redemption of Egypt was in several signs, with several miracles that the Creator did. And this redemption should be remembered and seen, for although it was in exile, now it has freedom, since the day the ties in Egypt have been opened. And these are signs and miracles that were done.

430) Malchut’s freedom should be shown because she bonded with her husband, ZA, and to attach redemption, Yesod, to prayer, Malchut, so all will be one without separation. Also, divorce should not be shown, saying that the Malchut is divorced, exiled from her man, ZA, as it is written, “Nor shall they take a woman divorced from her husband.”

431) But is she not in exile, divorced from her man, ZA? She is indeed in exile so as to dwell with Israel, for wherever Israel exile, Divinity is with them to protect them. But she was not divorced from ZA. But Divinity was not seen in the First Temple and in the Second Temple when Israel sinned, which is why it was not considered exile, all the more so divorce. Rather, until Israel exiled, if they sinned, Divinity departed upwards. Afterwards, when they were exiled, she did not go up but made her dwelling with Israel. But there was never a divorce.

432) For this reason, redemption must be shown to contain four redemptions, since when Divinity came out of the exile in Egypt, she asked of the Creator to redeem her four times. These are four redemptions opposite four exiles, so she will be free and will no longer be divorced.

Hence, at the time of the redemption from Egypt, she stood and was redeemed four redemptions in the exodus from Egypt. That is, with the reception of the Mochin of the exodus from Egypt, Divinity was redeemed from all four Malchuts, all the exiles until the coming of the Messiah. Thus, she will no longer be regarded as divorced from her man, ZA.

Now that Divinity needs correction, to bond with her husband, ZA, that redemption from Egypt must be shown to contain four redemptions. With the awakening of the Mochin of the exodus from Egypt, she is corrected to bond with her husband because she has become liberated from all four Malchuts.

433) This is why it should be said in that redemption four times, “truth, truth, truth, truth,” until “The Help of Our Fathers” [a section in the prayer], corresponding to the four exiles, which are help and support for all of Israel. And from “The Help of Our Fathers” onward there are four more times, “truth, truth, truth, truth,” and they are doubled, to give these four redemptions solid existence in a strong seal of the King’s ring. Hence, there are four double redemptions in existence.

434) And all four redemptions are in that exodus from Egypt, for if those four exiles were not present in that exodus from Egypt, she would not connect in her corrections with ZA each time there is an exile, so the Holy Name will unite. Hence, the redemption of Egypt should always be mentioned in all of the Creator’s sanctities, blessed is His Name forever and ever.

435) The Kedusha [“holiness,” part of the service] in the “Holy, Holy, Holy” that we say is that in Kedusha, everyone is sanctified above and below, the angels and Israel, and all the degrees, and all the upper and lower Merkavot [structures] are sanctified in this Kedusha. There are sublime meanings in this Kedusha to those who know the secrets, who gaze at the sanctity of their Master.

436) It is good to devote one’s soul to one’s Master. Friends, happy are you, and happy are my eyes for having seen that, that in my life I was privileged with the awakening of these holy things in this world, and they are all written above before the Holy King.

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