The Meaning of the Word Shema

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420) Shema [hear] is a name, Malchut, which adds up to 70 names, which is the name AB in the upper MerkavaHGTM de ZA above the Chazeh. It is one whole, for the Malchut, who is called “a name,” is included in ZA above the Chazeh, which is a big Ayin.

Israel is Ysrael SabaVAK de Bina. This is because there is a small Israel, ZA, as it is written, “When Israel was a youth I loved him.” ZA and Malchut, which are implied in the Shema, are in one whole with Ysrael Saba, ascending to him and uniting in him.

“Hear O Israel” indicates that in Ysrael Saba, a woman is included with her husband, Malchut with ZA.

421) Once ZA and Malchut are included in one another in Ysrael Saba, the organs need to be united, meaning VAK de ZA and Malchut, connecting the two abodes together in all the organs. The upper abode is YodHey, and the lower abode is VavHey. By the will of the heart to ascend in Dvekut [adhesion] of Ein Sof, it clings there to become one will, upper and lower.

422) This is YodHeyYodHey [will be], as it is written, “The Lord will be one,” that is, one with regard to YodHeyYodHey. The Yod of YodHeyYodHeyHochma, is to unite and to cling to the letter Hey of YodHeyYodHey, who is the inner palace, Bina, to a place of concealment of the upper point, YodHochma. This is “The Lord [HaVaYaH] our God.” These two names are YodHey HB, where HaVaYaH is Hochma and “Our God” is Bina.

423) Including all the organs, VAK de ZA and Malchut, in the place from which they came out, from the inner palace, Bina, to bring matters back to their places, to their core, foundation, and root, up to the root of the covenant, Aba.

424) Afterwards, two other letters of YodHeyYodHey unite and attach the letter Yod in the letter HeyYod is the holy covenant, Yesod de ZAHey is a palace and concealment of the holy covenant, YodMalchut, a palace for Yesod, like the Bina, which is a palace for HochmaYesod is a second Vav, of the Vav in its fullness, where the first Vav is Tifferet, the second Vav is Yesod, and it is said here that it is Yod, to unite them as one. In the unification with MalchutYesod is called Yod.

425) The aim in the word “one” is to unite everything together from Malchut and above, to elevate the will, to tie everything in one knot, and to elevate the will with fear and love through Ein Sof. The will to ascend to Ein Sof will not leave all those degrees and organs but will elevate his will in all of them, not one of them missing, to attach them, so they will all be one knot in Ein Sof.

426) It is a unification in correction.

427) One who wishes to include all the secrets of unification in the word “one” is better. Hence, we prolong the “one,” [in the Shema reading] to elevate the will to extend from above downward, and to raise from below upwards so all will be one.

428) The word, “one” is above and below and the four directions of the world. Above and below, which are AVI and ZON, must be united, and the four directions of the world are the upper Merkava [assembly], HGTM de ZA above the Chazeh to include everything together in a single tie, one unification through Ein Sof.

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